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Smile.. Yes o, you can’t!.
Early on a Wednesday morning, I was set out for work and right where I ought to board a cab, I saw a cab waiting; I signaled to him to wait for me to cross the road. After crossing successfully, a finer car (not looking like a cab) parked. The driver was calling out for passengers, for the exact place I was going that I flagged down the first cab for. And just because I had flagged down the first cab, I opted to stick with him instead since he waited all this while. After a while on entering the cab, I looked ahead and saw the finer car (which didn’t look like those Oyo cabs though…Lol). I thought to myself “I should have gone for that one” (because I was running late on time). But there I was stuck with the cab version right.. Lol. Amazingly, the passengers of the one I boarded got complete and even raced past the other one who had to keep slowing down because he had to get his full passengers as well.

So I couldn’t help but pen down my thoughts.. 📝 ☺. It’s a great lesson for me as well as it will be for the wonderful life that will read this. 🤔💞

Often times, we are faced with decision making. In fact daily (minute after minute) we are faced with these. And while we are stuck in this reality, let’s endeavor to always look past the surface. Need I make note of the other reason why I stuck with the first option; I did because I felt a level of calmness in me to still go for it, of which I did. And need I also note that another blessing came along for me, following that cab and dropping at that particular time.. Smile (see me in 📷 😂). It was like the morning was planned and I was flowing with the script.. You know!. 💃

Okay, so sometimes, you have this level of peace in you to go ahead with some decisions but you feel reluctant because of the outward appearance that easily beclouds our sense of judgement. But as much as this will happen, in fact a lot of time, it will. Don’t let it quench your inner visibility, don’t let your doubts wage war against your trust in Him. As you can’t always tell a 100% or be fully aware of what the outcome will be after choosing that option; after quitting that path; after looking in another direction but you are rest assured that if God is leading you on that path or ready to make you cross on to the other side of the deep seas or move on, it’s all for a greater good.

Choose to seat on and enjoy the ride, doubts will come but stick with His will and direction for your life. It might be rugged as well but blessings that do come out of it always override the ruggedness and eventually fills you up with joy and gladness of heart.

Just as I feel right now. 💃 This morning was a blessing to me and I want this to be your testimony as well, not just at the time you are reading this but always.

All you need do is – Look beyond!.. 🙇 👀

Do have a pleasant week ahead folks. 💃

♥ #HCCounsels# ♥

Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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