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Many have asked – How is that possible?. But the reality or the truth is it is! – Your words are you!. Whether you’ve paid attention to it or not, it is. For some who are passive in their words – for example, I know I’m not going to make any suggestion they will welcome. For this kind of person, he or she has definitely lost sight of the greatness in him/her (as the case may be). But then, great ideas might just be lurking in her. But because she has failed to bear this at heart, she utters all sort of passive words, which makes you as a person wonder, if she sees what you see or better still, what you know that God does have in plan for her life as His creation.

For some, they can’t go a day without insulting or mocking another fellow like them, because within them they are either at the peak of making themselves believe they are a lot better than others or they just simply are empty on their inside and have stayed so long in this illusion that they haven’t allowed God fill them up, just because they have failed to see the need for God in their lives.

While for another sect, they are just so filled with hatred and anger and their words are a terror because they have failed to see that they have not allowed God lead them through that hurtful memory or incidence. It’s okay to feel sad but it’s not okay to allow it drain you of You (the vision and plans of God for you).

I will put a pause to the scenarios, for us to better discuss on why I’m writing on this.

We might have fallen into any of these aforementioned categories but it’s never too late to take a stand, to take a walk through your healing. Taking the bold step to cross that terrifying sight ahead as you do know that you need to let go and move on, for real this time!.

And maybe it’s just coming through for you as a message whilst reading this, even though you didn’t plan it or ever had it in mind. But I believe it’s never too late to take these steps, but it does become late when you never see the reason to start, or you so much logically analyse it that you end up never taking a shift from where you have stayed so convenient in. And how best would we actualise our full potential, if we do not move on and just get to work as we are aware of this truth.
Do note that the knowledge in you doesn’t mean so much or let me say, it doesn’t make any difference if that knowledge isn’t worked upon or made a bedrock to what you need do and really getting yourself set/ready through the process of actualizing this.

Listen to the words you speak per time, you’ll definitely get to know yourself better. You might even be a fire razing brother or sister or the different tongue speaking one but your words ain’t even close to being regenerated. My dear, if this is the case, then something is wrong!. If the Holy Spirit is in you, then you should reflect it.

Let’s picture two Coca Cola bottles, of which one was filled up with water and the other with the real content.
Though both bottles displays Coca Cola, the reality is the one with the water content is still explicitly not the original because of its content. The only reference to this type might just be: give me the water in the Coke bottle.

So my dear, you are who you are by the words you speak, the songs you sing, the actions or attitude you exhibit and all that flows out of you. Don’t be deceived by the beautiful faced and stunning lady or the handsome and prim dude.

Please don’t just read this, to get back to what you’ve discovered is wrong and need be worked on, instead get to work and change!. I believe in our growth. We are moving on folks. 🚢

And above all, He desires for you and I, to allow Him work us through this phase (each phase in fact!).

Do have a fruitful week folks. πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

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Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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