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Some time ago, I wrote on a woman on a mission and surprisingly I got requests to write on the topic for the male folks as well. Smiles.

It’s a blessing you know to have men who definitely know their being ain’t meant to be a norm or for them to be mere men. But men with strength, purpose, and valor.

If we look at the men of old. The examples set ahead of us. The likes of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Paul, John the beloved etc. Gracious!, they were men of virtue. They sought after God and were found in His confines. They weren’t wandering off men, as they had a keen eye sight and were able to decipher the words of God from that of men. They weren’t men left confused about what the next stage of their lives was and steps to  take or decisions to make. They had a stance of God first, and if He is not in it, then the journey is not worth venturing into.

One of these folks I love is Joshua, aside that God has been teaching me a lot from the likes of Him, David (Oh, I love the him – as his life teaches me you can’t be so wrong or seem lost that God’s Love can’t find you), Paul (that man went from Grass to Grace; I’m sure his testimony is such a burden to the coven of the dark world). Not to mention Timothy (He was young but did great things).

And with His life, God has constantly reminded me of: you can’t be too young or inexperienced that God can’t use you. The small but mighty folks…God!.💃

So my dear reader, this might be a short dive into the topic and simple but it definitely carries its weight for you to ponder on and think deeply on these teachings. You can’t afford to conform or accept to being a “mere man” or “vision-less man”. God knows you were made and meant for more. There is so much potentials in you that you need to see, pay close attention to and call the deep out of you. God!, my heart aches as I write this because we have had records of failed men and it’s on a daily increase. Men who live by what fate brings their way. No dear, you and I know your life was never saved and regenerated for you to remain under the mercies of “fate” but for you to live a grace-filled life since you have met with and accepted Christ into your life.

So c’mon get your bearing in place, gear up & get to work. The harvest is indeed plentiful with more lands to cover. Needless I tell you, your home is a mission ground for you as well. And to the unmarried folks or bachelor you are a pillar to many and so, you can’t afford to fail. At home, work, ministry and even on the street, you were made for more. Don’t limit God’s inbuilt potentials in you by being pessimistic about life and accepting the generational trend of what we have termed as “Men”. Let me shock you, real men are only found in God. Not in the beer parlour getting all wasted and living their life in their own shadows. Real men live gracefully and call out the  deep in others. They are in-born nurturers. Your father or even other men you looked up to earlier in your life, might have failed in this but you can’t afford to fail. You can’t!. And this decision is yours to make.

So this is a charge to you. It’s high time you get up and man your post!. Depending and trusting God to teach you what and who a ” man” is. Logic can’t place this. Culture can’t place this and Trends can’t define this I must tell you.

I trust that you won’t just read this and get back to your slumbering. The tasks are laid out and its time to get to work. God can still build you up, dear. It’s never too late for God to intervene and work your life out according to His Divine plans and purpose.


– God lead your son reading this & help him understand how you want him to live and act.

– God take away the trend and culture veil and let their hearts yearn for the truth only in you.

– Cause them to take up their mantles and man their posts.

– Give every wavering heart courage like you taught Joshua to. Being strong and courageous!.

– To the younger ones who desire to be groomed. God teach them all they need know and learn.

– Henceforth may we have more men of valor rising up to their responsibilities early enough, that they be worthy examples to the seeds that will be birthed through them.

Thank you, God. Amen

Smiles… I ended up writing more than I envisaged. 🙈😀

Do have a fruitful week folks. We are on this path of growth together. God bless you.✌👫👬👭


Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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