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I was walking down to the junction of the street of our church. And I saw this grass or better put weed by the side of the road with these graceful flowers.

And I was like yeah, I have to write something on this.

Nature has been something of grace for me. It constantly reminds me of what it means to be totally cared for!.

It shows and depicts what it means to be totally dependent on God. Imagine these weeds with so many varieties of them, all sprouting out not because anyone deliberately planted them there. And though no one is responsible for their nurturing, yet they still grow with so much grace. And bud their flowers; which reflects their beauty.

Bow bridge in Central park at spring sunny day, New York City

How calm these are.
How relieving the beholding of these.
The sight of these depicts “Grace”.
A constant reminder of “don’t worry, you are well taken care of and you are of more importance than these, before Me”.
A constant reflection of God’s graceful and beautiful self.
A showcasing of God’s Imprint of “I can do all and fend for it all”.
A timely reminder that “God is on the throne, in care of all things and constantly making beautiful everything & everyone in His care”.

Oh my!, I love looking up and taking a deep breathe as I gaze upon these beauties and they are just a landmark of “God is able for me”.

What’s your reflection when you look at these beauties? 😘

I don’t see grasses or mere plants or trees – I see GRACE ON DISPLAY! 🤗

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Do have a blessed weekend. 💃


P.S – Images from Google and most from me. ❤

Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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