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What does this word mean to you?.

Often time, we really don’t know if we are making progress with something until the result shows up yeah. I for one, I get all worrisome at times when having tried hard to achieve something and it seems like I never even moved an inch at all. Because I am not seeing any progress or result at all.

So let me share something with you. My hair over a while now has been less of a concern to me. Or better put, I haven’t been paying much attention to it. Until I had a dandruff breakout. Funny I started seeing this month back but I didn’t really pay much attention to ensuring it goes away. I was used to oiling my hair only when I wash it or after relaxing my hair. The other extra care for it never really occurred to me.

So when I noticed the breakout. I was worried at first but then I started checking out how to get rid of it online and my eldest sister also mentioned that I should oil it more often. So I started oiling the parts liable of drying out faster everyday and for the full scalp every 2-3 days. And I would be adopting washing more often too.

So guess what?. I am making progress. I can look in the mirror and can smile at it. But what spurred me to write about it is that some days ago, I was still very skeptical about it. If this made any difference at all. Aside from taking those measures and also literarily praying in tongues over it. 😂

Praying in tongues?. 🙄

Yes, please. We forbid Aunty Dandy. 😉😂

I am glad it has been progressive. Maybe I am not there just yet but we are getting there.

We?. 🙄

Oh yeah – myself and my hair, cos we are on a lifestyle change together. 😁

Also, the He in me reminded me of the need for consistency, which we have been exploring these past days and I am going to do more of that, by His Grace. 💃

That is my personal experience of my seemingly “not making progress” situation until I started seeing the result show forth gradually. So yeah, progress is gradual. And that in its self is a beautiful one. 💯

Let’s look at the creation story. Imagine if God just commanded everything to happen all at once. For me, that doesn’t seem exciting. 🤔

But it’s all great and most beautiful because it came at different times. Also because each day was loaded with its own goodness and surprises.

Or let’s picture a baby that was born today. And all grown up tomorrow. That would deprive us of the joy a parent most especially, derives when he or she sees the child take his or her first steps. Also the excitement of seeing him or her graduate from high school, college, university, etc. I hope we get a better understanding of the beauty embedded in the process.

Trust me, we may not see these things change all of a sudden. But if you and I would keep at it, we will achieve even more than we would have ever desired.

So are you doubting if you are making progress with that new task or assignment you are currently working on?. Or are you being worrisome if all the efforts you are putting into making your home or relationship work isn’t showing any visible results just yet?. Do keep at it. Consistency is key and you will get there. 🤗

Your progress and mine, is guaranteed if we would continue, not when we stop and get all moody and in the end, we end up not getting anything accomplished. We have to keep moving. 🚶

Abraham moved from Haran and kept on moving, which is why he was able to get to the promised land (Canaan). And because he did, it ended up being his reality.

So do you have a seemingly big task to achieve?. Or a new lifestyle to explore with pleasing God in mind or a new diet to adopt, in order to ensure you are maintaining a healthy well being?. Take the bold step today and make each day count. Get to work on that idea too!

Believe in your self. Envision it and above all let the Holy Spirit guide you. Because it’s only with Him, that we are certain of not gambling with our lives. And another graceful part of letting Him guide us is that He is always there to cheers us on. “You can do this dear” “You can achieve this son” and more. That is what He constantly whispers to us.

He believes in you. Would you do the same by believing in yourself?. And also, affirming yourself that you can achieve this and hence get to work. Each step you take counts. Let’s make it worth the while.

Blessings. 🤗

Happy new week.


Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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