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The Inner Circle

There are varying degrees of allowance given to people when it comes to having access to people in positions of authority. Imagine wanting to meet with the president of the country for something very important; you can imagine what it would cost you to get an appointment booked. Even if you are a professor in […]

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Hey, money gives you options! Don’t let anyone fool you. Poverty doesn’t make you a saint or a hero of heaven. It makes you miserable, self-centered, a sufferer and self-preoccupied. The more you operate in abundant living, the more you become more likely to be free, more useful, other-minded and a grateful vessel for His […]

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Time and Chance

“Guess what happened to me on my way here today”, George yelled at the top of his voice. He had barged into Femi’s living room without knocking. “What happened? Is that the way to say hello, by the way?” Femi quizzed. “I am sorry guy. Hello. I practically fled here to let you in on […]

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Who Do You Let Into Your Ship?

  While running my Master’s degree programme, I lived in one of the school hostels. The block adjacent ours was occupied by some guys. There was a particular room on that block, where the occupants were always blasting music anytime there was electric power supply. One day, I just started humming one of the songs […]

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