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I am Dr (Mrs) OMOSEBI Mary Omolola  and I am really passionate about singles getting it right in marriage by setting the right foundation. Hence my reason for putting these resource together.

I have prepared this 3-module course specially for ladies who are looking forward to getting married soon.

To be sincere though I strongly believe that men too should see these videos.

Whether you are engaged or not, as long as you plan to get married you should partake of this special meal that I have prepared for your soul through the help of God.

This course will prepare you for married life as a single person.

It will serve as a resource for you if you are passionate about seeing singles get it right in marriage like I am.

. . . And if you are married, you are sure to gain one or two things too.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss any part of the priceless information I am handing out to you here.



We bless God for people like you, Who has set apart their lives to do God’s will. Today, as singles, a lot will be expected of us in Marriage. Career and our Christian race; because your kinds has been there, took down certain things that would help the generations coming. Today, we know a lot more than our parents did even before they got married. God bless you for us ma’am.


I just finished watching all the videos and I am really blessed by them. My desire to have a beautiful marriage is even all the more heightened after watching these. And I am better aware of what marriage is all about and what my courtship should be all about. You are such a blessing MA.

O my God… Very detailed teaching. My eyes have been opened to so many things I never thought about as necessary to discuss during courtship. I was just saying WOW as I watched this part. Thank you MA! May God bless you for blessing me like this.

I cannot quantify how blessed I am by this post. Thank you so so much Ma. My soul blesses you Ma.

Thank you so much MA for taking time out to put this together for us. The particular first part is thought provoking. And I am really blessed. I am particularly touched by the part where you talked about being sure of God’s leading. Hmm
May God help me. May God replenish all the resources that has gone into doing this. May you never miss your reward in Jesus name.

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