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Trade By Barter?

I was in a store to buy some cake baking ingredients sometime last year, and the store owner and her daughter, who obviously had just returned from school were acting a fun script while the store assistant picked out the stuff I requested for.

The daughter brought out twenty naira from her pocket saying that she wanted to buy a measure of milk from the milk her mother sold. She insisted that she was not selling to her, as the money she held in her hand could not pay the bill even though she already collected the money from the little girl. She went on to say that the twenty Naira was a payment for the milk she consumed in the morning, before leaving home for school.

Even though the mother later held her hand out with a piece of puffpuff which would have cost five or ten Naira, asking the girl to make do with that and without returning the money to the girl, I already drew out an important lesson from that incidence, before they started Scene 2.

I remembered that incidence today and I would like to share with you what was ministered to my heart that day, as I watched on.

It amuses me how some parents have turned their children into their ‘pension managers’. Some parents actually spend on their children as a form of ‘investment’ through which they expect some sort of returns in future.

Once their children begin to earn salaries, they practically demand that they begin remittance of the interest on their investment, not minding the fact that the child has probably not gained proper footing either. “It is my entitlement”, they say.

Please, where in Scripture does it say that parents should demand returns for their ‘investments’ on their children?

Here’s what I know from Scripture:
“Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren”. (Proverbs 13:22a NLT)

Don’t get me wrong, please. Children should cheerfully and joyfully give gifts to their parents once they are in a position to do so. I think it is just the right thing to do.

My point is for parents not to go around doing good for their children solely because they want a repayment. Some parents pressure their children so much that it stresses these children out. That is why some parents practically force their daughters to marry rich men so that they can get early returns for their ‘investments’ and in return making these ladies settle down with the wrong guys or even straining their children’s marriages due to their absurd demands.

Yes, to whom much is given, much is expected. But really, this is about the motive for giving in the first place.

I believe that we need to parent our children ‘as unto the Lord’, just like our Father in heaven takes care of us without any selfish motive.

If parents have this mentality, they will realize that they should also look out for their own future by having savings/investments, such that whatever the child brings later will only be an addendum to what they already have; not their only means of survival.

I pray that God will enlighten parents as to how to comport themselves in a way that is right and praiseworthy.

I would love to read your thoughts on this, in the comments section …

  • OMOSEBI Mary Omolola, PhD

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Teaching Your Child About Wins and Losses



Some weeks ago, one of the mummies I met on Facebook who is a proprietress contacted me to ask for permission to publish one of my articles in the school’s magazine (You can read the article HERE)

Coincidentally, just a few weeks after that I was in a secondary school to fellowship with the students on a Sunday morning. One of the girls that asked to speak with me after the ministration told me how sad she was. She said she had low self-esteem (her words). She told me that her classmates make fun of her because she was poor with spellings. Amazingly, this same girl was the class monitor for her class. And I sure know they don’t make dullards class monitors. She was good with other things in school but a singular weakness was greatly capitalized on.

I did all I could to encourage her to believe in herself and never to think of herself as a failure. I told her to focus on her strengths too. I made her realize that even if she came last in class, it still didn’t make her a failure. It just tells her that she needs to put in more effort.

Gladly, she left feeling relieved.

You see, parents have a lot to do with instilling the right attitude in their children.

Parents need to show their children the right lens through which they should view life. We need to make them realise that they are wonderfully and fearfully made by God and that they are not less human because they are not performing as well as their counterparts.

In the same vein, they need to learn never to look down on anyone because they seem to be doing better than they are.

Teach them what success really means. Real success is not earned by comparing your achievements with others. It is all about fulfilling God’s purpose for you. You’re a success when you live up to God’s expectations of you; not man’s.

They should strive for excellence in being the best version of themselves and not wanting to be someone else. They can learn excellent virtues from others. And there is nothing bad in them allowing themselves to be motivated by the successes of others.

However, they must be trained never to lose their identity while in the pursuance of excellence. They need to embrace and appreciate their uniqueness.

When they ‘win’, they must thank God for the grace to win.

And when they ‘lose’, let them embrace their loss with dignity as they believe that it can only get better with the help of God and due diligence.

May God bless our children!

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Raising Sexually Pure Children – Free eBook


I am giving out my Book, Raising Sexually Pure Children FREE.

This book is a must read for all parents and parents-to-be. I believe this is an important tool that will equip you to raise sexually pure children in this age and time of sexual pervasion.

There’s been about 500 downloads of this book and I have received several amazing feedbacks.



You did a great job. It is a compact, tightly wound piece of spiritual and temporal energy, pocket size, but with far reaching power, because it is also quite simple.
-Yemi Adedeji

I just finished reading this book. Indeed I was highly blessed and I recommend it for every parent or parent to be. I wish you more divine inspiration and insight. God bless you.
– Abimbola Osagie

I just read your book on raising sexually pure children.  I must commend your efforts.  I was really blessed and enlightened. . .  I am really grateful you wrote that, God bless you!
-Damilola Arowolo

I’m not a mum yet, but I’m glad I read the book. It touched areas most parents or guides shy away from, it was as transparent as possible leaving no stone unturned, because we have no choice o than to raise Godly offspring. Children who would understand, that despite the fact they live in this world of sin, they mustn’t be part of it; rather stand chaste and be firm about it.

It’s a book I’ll recommend to anyone, not even just parents. As singles, it’s good we start preparing for what lies ahead of us.

May the good Lord continue to fill you ma’am with His divine wisdom, and guide you accordingly.
-Ekanem Cynthia

Just took time to read the book and I find it quite informative and educative. It’s not voluminous nor boring. It’s practical in every sense of it. Well-done ma.
-Kemi Akereyeni

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SEX IN MARRIAGE : A Message to Women

Many men complain about their wives depriving them of sex. As much as the men have a part to play in the overall health of their sex life, I have chosen to speak to women about the importance of sex in marriage. In this video, I also encourage the women to deal with the issues that might be responsible for their hatred for / lack of interest in marital sex.

This video is focused on single and married women.

This was a live broadcast and here’s the replay.


Remember to share this video with your friends… You might be saving a marriage from crashing.

Spark to Flames

Let’s take the fireplace as a case study:

You know, when you gather sticks to cook on a fireplace, for you to have a smooth cooking experience you have to continually shake off the ash from the sticks and push them further inside so that they can together give you better igniting power.

It is so with marriage too. Your marriage can get better no matter how long you have been married for or what your marriage looks like now.

Watch this video now to find out more:

This video is a replay from the webinar for married women organized by The Beautiful Branch Ministries.

Please remember to share this with your married female friends.

Three Stages of Marriage


•Are you married?
•Married but feeling single?
•Feel like giving up on your marriage? Wait…
•Are you single and planning to get married?

Watch this video to arm yourself with some indispensable knowledge for having a successful marriage as I share with you the three stages of marriage.

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Location Locked

Yesterday morning, I was thinking about how I don’t get strong network connections when I move to certain parts of my house but the opposite occurs when I move to other areas of the house.

. . .Same house; different experiences in different rooms.

As I ruminated on this, a message was dropped in my heart for you.

It is amazing how in real life you have differing experiences when you relate with different people or stay in different places.

The truth is that location sure does matter.

And the understanding of this will make life either easy or difficult for you.

Moses insisted that he was not going to change location except the presence of God was going with him (and the people).

Then Moses said, “If you don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place. (Exodus 33:15 NLT)

God’s approval was very important to Moses. This was going to determine whether they would move or not.

You see, you might be in a certain job and experience redundancy or unexplainable difficulties. Why? You might be in the wrong location.

I once had a family friend couple who kept loosing their babies over and over. It was not until after a while that it was as a result of where they lived. It was later revealed that people who had lived in that house they lived in before them had similar experiences. Amazingly, the wife had told the man that her spirit did not agree with them moving into that house after marriage but the husband had insisted. Thank God they got their deliverance.

Association just like location matters.

If you move closely with people who do not carry God’s presence, you put yourself at risk.

Friends, I admonish you today to insist on God’s directives when moving house, changing jobs and/or building relationships.

Let God be your Navigator.

Let Him lock the ideal location for you before you move there so that you can experience peace, with nothing broken or missing.


©OMOSEBI Mary Omolola, PhD


What You Don’t Control Will Control You

My best food as a child/teenager was beans and fried plantain. O, how I loved the combo.

You see, whenever I see plantain or perceive the aroma of fried plantain, my stomach begins to dance. Fried plantains just have a way of calling out to me. It resonates with my alimentary canal like jam on bread.

Alright, before I go on and on about my love for plantain, let me tell you the reason for relieving the moments I have had with my dear plantain.

One day when I was a teenager, I was in the kitchen frying plantain for dinner. It was my habit to put slices of fresh plantain in my mouth while I cut for subsequent frying.

I had just put a slice in my mouth when the door to the kitchen opened. Guess who made his way in?

My father whom I feared so much.

I didn’t even think twice before I swallowed the plantain in my mouth. And to think that my mother always insisted on cutting the slices really big.

The plantain got stuck in my esophagus. My father tried asking me a question but I couldn’t even talk; I only nodded. He left after a few seconds and I tried to drink water to push the plantain down but it didn’t work. I had to spit the water out because there was no passage way for it. I tried coughing it out instead all to no avail.

At last, the plantain made its way down into my stomach after some minutes. Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably as my chest got numbed by pain.

I really could have died that day. But thank God for His mercies.

I suffered seizures in my throat for several YEARS afterwards. At times when I was eating, my throat would just shut down.

The aftermath of my greed was a constant reminder of my actions.

How then could I ever forget that experience. Narrating it now even gives me the shivers.

You see, it’s normal for your body to react when you see a pretty lady you like. It’s normal to have those sexual urges as a single person especially as you grow older. It’s normal for you to miss your wife so much because you are on a 1year course faraway in Europe while she is in Africa.

What’s not okay is engaging in sex with someone who is neither your wife nor husband because your body feels like having sex.

If you do this, you will choke.

Maybe not physical choking with unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

. . . But you will be judged by the Maker of heaven and earth. And that’s the worst kind of choke you could suffer.

Marriage is to be held in honor among all [that is, regarded as something of great value], and the marriage bed undefiled [by immorality or by any sexual sin]; for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. (HEBREWS 13:4 AMP)

The scars of sin sometimes are indelible. No sinner will go unpunished.




It is greed to lust after someone that is not yours.

You have no right to carnally desire any man/woman you are not married to.

What you do not control will surely control you.

What you need is the means to control those urges because they usually visit you without writing you an application letter. Ask for God to grant you the grace to be self-controlled.

Your obsession will kill you if not controlled.

Stop feeding your lust by exposing your heart to things that will corrupt it and push you more towards sin.

Flee all forms of sexual sins as if it were a plague. It really is a plague that will NEVER do you good.

You don’t have to indulge your body. It will not die from not having sex.

If you do not know how to say “No” to your body when it’s under some form of sexual pull, it will drive you into destruction.

This does not only apply to sexual sins but all sins generally.

Another major problem you will encounter when you engage in any form of sexual sin is that you will not have inner peace doing it.

You will live in constant fear; fear of being exposed, getting infected with STIs or getting pregnant amidst others.

I admonish you therefore friends, let your life be controlled by God.

No matter how far you have gone on the path of sin, you can always make a U-turn and decide to be sexually pure.

You can start afresh with God. All you need to is repent of your sinful ways and decide not to go back to your vomit.

The force of sin is stronger than your Will power.

You need God in your life. He is the only one that can help you.

Ask Jesus into your heart today so that you can escape the wrath of God that awaits all unrepentant sinners.

If you refuse to heed the call of God to you for repentance, you can be sure that your sins will catch up with you someday.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23 NLT)

Choose life today!

© OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)


You Always Have A Choice

Sometime ago, our daughter and son were spinning round continuously; hand in hand, until I was forced to ask them to stop before one or both of them fell.

“He was spinning me around” she said as they made their way to sit down; trying to justify their escapade.

All I could do at that point was shake my head.

How could your younger brother who is way smaller than you be strong enough to spin you around?” was the thought that popped into my heart.

Immediately they dispersed, something was being ministered to my spirit and I will like to share that with you here.

Many people are of the habit of blaming the devil for every wrong thing they do.

The thing is that the devil suggests all the bad things but there is something he doesn’t have power.

Your Will.

The devil Cannot force you to take his suggestions to you.

He can be as persistent as possible but you are left with the power to choose whether to yield to his suggestions or not.

Yes, you ALWAYS have a choice.

God has given us an awesome gift as humans and that is Will-power.

We are strong like that.

Stop saying “Yes” to sin.

You have been endowed with all you need for life and godliness.

To strengthen the power of your will, you need to meditate on God’s Words consistently. And practice utilizing that power to say “No” when the need arises.

Let your heart be opened to the light of the truth.

The next time you have struggles with choosing right, remind yourself that the power lies on your inside.

You have what it takes to live right.

Stop with the unfounded excuses for wrongdoing.

OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)


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