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I feel strongly to lead a social media campaign for sexual purity themed NO SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE.

It is for both singles and married.

I will like to specially invite you to join me on this campaign that will kick off on the 3rd of April 2017.

Join your voice with mine as we tell the World God’s mandate and our decision to stay faithful and keep our bodies from defilement.

This epidemic called sexual immorality is taking over our world without remorse. Let’s stand up unapologetically and tell the world that we stand for purity- single and married alike.

This has been on my mind for several months and I believe it is time to embark on it.

All you need to do is write a poem, story, testimony, letter, pledge, song, tweet. . . anything to pass across the message that you stand against sex outside marriage and why.

. . . Perhaps we might save a few… Or many!

You can make it a once off thing or severally in the course of the week.

If you want, a poster will be designed for you with your picture to add to your campaign post. Please signify in the comments section so that you can know where to send your details. . . Few slots available.

I will also be featuring seasoned and experienced men/women who will enlighten us on topical issues in relation to this campaign in the course of the week.

I ask you to join me in this campaign.

It will be an eight-day long campaign.

Be ready to

🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺


Are you in?


***** Please share the word.


-OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)

One Goal, Different Approaches

One day, I watched my husband’s style of ironing shirts and I was wondering just how much different it was from how I do mine.

I then told him, “My father did not teach me to iron men’s shirts the way you are ironing them right now.” I explained how I was taught to do mine. I remember him jokingly say he didn’t even know where he learnt to iron that way.

The next time I was going to iron shirts, I tried out his method and it actually seemed logically easier although it felt strange trying a completely different method after so many years of doing it in a particular way. For me, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed when my husband was ironing that way. I reverted to my style after a few tries.

What mattered in the end was for the shirts to be free of wrinkles.

As I ruminated on that experience a while ago, my thoughts were directed towards marriage.

In marriage, you and your spouse will not always think the same way. Why? You are coming from different backgrounds and no two people are exactly the same anyway.

Look at football teams for instance; the players usually have varying heights. Yet they are able to work together. What will give them success is their ability to blend their differences by allowing each person fit into the positions that best reflects their strengths.

Your relationship will be peaceful if you always think of you and your spouse as a team despite your obvious differences.

Your spouse is NOT your opponent. Don’t treat him/her like one. When you disagree, don’t turn it into a battle that you have to win.

Don’t be a rigid person; unwilling to compromise when necessary.

Look for a way to always walk around your differences without making him/her an enemy.

What you need is the skill of play. . . Be a team player.

. . . And embrace your uniqueness as individuals and as a couple.

Every relationship / marriage is unique since the partners are unique.

Some of us make the mistake of trying to bring into our marriages ideas from the past or other people’s relationships without checking if they are workable in our own relationships. I have found this to be a major reason for fall out among couples.

Know that it usually isn’t that the ideas are wrong in themselves but they might just not be right for you.

Understudy yourself, your partner and your marriage.

The understanding of these three entities will help you walk together with your partner in an atmosphere of happiness.

Always set your eyes on the goal of building a happy marriage.

© OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)

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Do You Have Trust Issues?

I was feeding our son on a certain evening recently and I observed something I had not noticed before but guess must have been happening before that day.

Once I take a spoonful of food, I would blow air on it with my mouth because the food was a bit hot and then attempt to put it in his mouth. However, he insisted on collecting the spoon from me each time so that he could put the food in his mouth by himself.

After taking about five spoons or so from me, I noticed what he was up to.

He would hold the spoon in his hand and then stick his tongue out to touch the food. He was obviously doing this to check the temperature of the food.

This continued till he finished his portion of food.

My spirit was then tuned to think about that incidence and here’s what was ministered to my heart:

Some of us don’t trust God completely to have His way in our lives just like Daniel didn’t seem to trust me enough.

We sometimes wonder if there really can be a way where He says that He will make a way.

We still want to check again and be sure that He is in control.

We still want to add some human touch to everything to make it feel realistic.

We try to rationalize His promises and see how workable His purposes are.

I’ll like to encourage you to let God have His way in your life.

Surrender yourself and situation completely to Him.

Let Him take care of you how He deems fit.

Stand still and know that He is God.

Trust Him completely knowing fully well that He has you covered. He always has your best interest at heart because He loves you.

Always Remember that He is the ALMIGHTY.

Today, I admonish you to ask the Lord To Help your unbelief.

Let your faith in Him grow.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it right now, believe that all will be well with you!

© OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)

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Do you love Love Stories like I do? 

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What people are saying about LOVE LIKE NO OTHER

I was blessed reading “Love like no other” When I started reading I couldn’t stop until I was done, its a book to read over and over again. God bless u ma
– Adebara Adebimpe

Indeed a beautiful write up, just finished going through LOVE LIKE NO OTHER. I am feeling in love afresh… Indeed some times we let situations get in the way, but books like this brings us back to our first love. Mine will come in the form of music… Thanks for the inspiration. More wisdom ma… God bless you ma…”

-Cynthia Ekanem

Personally, God has done so much for me and it is not in doubt that he loves me too. I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior, and I appreciate him for the sacrifice he made for the whole world including myself. But, I have a challenge reciprocating his love all the time. I do but maybe not always.

However, after reading your book, I found the following tips useful;

a.       Writing a love letter, writing to thank God and noting down all the things he has done for me, I tried doing something like that but I stopped.

b.      Obedience and obeying His words, shows him that we love Him

c.       Also, exposing bad habit helps to get rid of same. So by sharing your experience, it has led me to reflect on some of my actions and retrace my steps. I truly want to live for Jesus.

More so, showing God that you love him  is not by feigning righteousness, because even the Bible say that our righteousness are like filthy rags, so it is  not by all  that but by making deliberate  efforts at obeying his commandments and then letting him know that you know what he does for you.

So thank you so  much ma for sharing this work piece and I pray the Lord gives you more inspiration for you, your family, your loved ones and us all.

God bless you always,
– Dooshima Adaguusu 

The book LOVE LIKE NO OTHER is something else. It’s mind captivating and the message is apt. God bless your wealth of knowledge ma.

Bukola Olupona 


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Not Perfect After All

A short while ago I stumbled on a friend’s post on Facebook and I was almost going to faint at the sight. I mean, this guy is someone I know his story so well.

The thing is that he beats his wife blue-black.

Yet on this particular day he went on and on gushing about how much he loved his wife and how he couldn’t do without her.

I felt like sending all the people who were commenting on his post and saying things like “perfect couple” or “you guys are an ideal couple” or “I covet your anointing” in for surgery to remove the scales off their eyes. The comments actually almost made me faint again.

I am narrating this experience to tell you two things:

Firstly, stop the hypocrisy please. Go back home and be good to your spouse for real. Many hide under the ability to put up a fake life on social media. This is not supposed to be so.

For you to be posing a perfect life for people to see, it seems to me that you admire that kind of lifestyle.

Why don’t you work at turning your dream into a reality.

Yes you can!

Make that your priority henceforth instead of putting your energy on pretence.

Secondly, don’t judge a book by its cover.

I hear things like, “I want a marriage just like yours” or “I want to marry a man just like your husband” a lot.

. . . Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

And it might be disastrous.

There are lots of fake people out there.

You don’t know the tears behind the smiles you see.

It’s cool to admire good things in the life of others but don’t peg yourself on their pedestal.

Instead ask for God’s best for your own life.

Face your lane.

May God grant your heart desires according to His will for you!

OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)


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You Are Being Watched

I recently watched one of the short films by Mount Zion Film ministries where the husband who was a ‘pastor’ was always abusive and treating the wife badly.

On a particular Sunday morning, this ‘pastor’ called the wife useless because she didn’t prepare him breakfast before leaving the house for church. The wife too had her replies for him while trying to tie her headgear. Just after the woman had finished tying the “gele” beautifully on her head, the husband lost control and pulled off the gele from her head. And of course like you might have expected, the wife lost control and started abusing and calling the man names too.

The part that got me reeling with laughter was when the ‘pastor’ told his wife not to grieve the Holy Spirit in him.

Haba… “Which Holy Spirit was he talking about?” was what came to mind after laughing at the woman’s reply.

She had said that the man should have noticed that the church members were always slumbering (with special emphasis on slumbering) while he preached. Thereby telling him about how he carried no fire as a man of God. (Ouch)

Don’t mind me; I kinda like narratives…

All this continued with their young daughter in the back seat watching their uncensored drama.

While still on their fight, the pastor sighted a church member at the next junction.

The pastor asked the woman to quickly retie her gele while she eyed him in displeasure.

The young man was greeted with a very broad smile by the pastor. And then he excitedly said something that sounded really ridiculous to me, “Hop into the vehicle of salvation”. (Ha)

Well, the brother ‘hopped’ in and the pastor asked him for permission to help his wife tie her gele. He pretended to be helping the woman out but was actually giving her knocks on her head as often as he could while he kept the brother’s gaze tied to his smiling face.

. . . Then he did the worst by comparing himself with Jesus who had washed His disciples feet.

When he was done with his ‘excellent service’, they continued their journey to church.

The next absurd thing he did was to give the brother an unsolicited advice of finding a wife. He however did not miss the opportunity to call his wife useless again by adding clause that the brother must bring his fiancee to him for cross examination since there were lots of fake sisters out in the world in this age.

On their way to church, the brother complained about the atmosphere of the car was hot. The pastor on the other hand claimed the AC was on. (“O what a spiritually sensitive brother that is”, I said to myself).

While they were still on that, the conversation between the pastor and his wife was being replayed to them in the car from the very beginning.

. . .The child had been recording their conversation all the while.

The husband and wife covered their faces in shame while the brother insisted on alighting from the car immediately.

Hello there!

God is recording all the evil and insulting words you speak to your wife

All the times you broke her spirit instead of being there to lift it up

All the number of times you have slapped and punched her and still held her hands while you walked into church.

He sees your hypocrisy. . .

And you sister and wife, God is watching you in 8D. He sees every way you verbally abuse your husband in private and then come to praise him on social media.

You can’t deceive God even if you keep deceiving people around you.

Repent of your evil ways and submit to God in your marriage.

And be careful my single friends. . .

The fact that everyone calls that brother “Pastor” or the sister “Mama” doesn’t necessarily make them saints after all.

Don’t be carried away by that charade.

May God help us build godly homes; safe havens for us and people around us!

  • OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)

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Relationships On Purpose

People get married for so many reasons and when the reasons of both partners do not synchronize there is bound to be problems in that kind of relationship.

Planning to get married? Great!

Don’t stop there though.

Plan to stay married.

Knowing why you are getting married in the first instance will help you achieve the aim of staying happily married.

I have been so keen on this purpose issue for several years now. After having read a number of books on the importance of knowing the purpose of your existence and things you want to embark on back then, the issue of purpose discovery has been something I take very seriously.

And I believe you should too.

You must know the purpose of marriage and then balance it up by marrying someone who also knows very well the purpose of marriage.

If someone who wants to stay married marries someone who does not want to, there will be a catastrophe.

What am I saying to you in essence?

Make sure you pursue purpose above every other thing.

. . .and make sure to marry someone who is ready to pursue a like passion.

Can two walk together except they agree? I guess you must know the answer.

This does not apply only to marriage relationships but all relationships for that matter.

Invest your time in building purposeful relationships ONLY.

Doing otherwise is a complete waste of your precious time.

Be guided.

  • OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)

Be Responsible

Be responsible

“Wow. Congratulations! You are now a responsible man.”

How many times exactly have I heard that statement being made to a newly married person especially the men?

I have definitely lost count.

Excuse me. . .

What does it even mean to be responsible?

Does it then mean that a single person cannot or should not be responsible?

Here’s what I think:

If you are not responsible before marriage, you just might remain as such for a long time after you are married.

The anointing for responsibility will not just pour on you on your wedding day.

You have to take responsibility for your life every day starting from when you are a boy or girl and then continue to be responsible when you become a man/woman.

This begins with the knowledge of who you are and why you are here on earth.

It is called purpose discovery.

The height of irresponsibility is not taking charge of your life like you should. Living by chance instead of living intentionally is what I call it.

And how can you take charge of something you don’t even know? Seek to discover God’s purpose for your life today.

Stop making excuses for mediocrity and failure. Stop refusing to take responsibility for your wrongdoings. Stop being impulsive. Develop the virtue of self control instead. Groom yourself into being trustworthy, dependable and reliable. Learn to love yourself so that you can love others. Be open to learning the right things and the right way to live. Grow up. . .

That’s being responsible.

Hi single man/woman!

. . .Be responsible.

Your responsibility grows when you marry. It must be cultivated beforehand.

Or have you seen a farmer harvest fruits on the very same day he planted his crops?

Have a sense of direction. Be a good leader of your self on purpose way and then it will be easier to lead your wife as a good husband.

When you understand your purpose as a singe lady and already learned how to submit to your maker, you will be able to submit to His will in marriage and be a responsible wife and mother.

Be a responsible son/daughter, sister/brother, student/worker and friend first.

Don’t leave responsibility for marriage.

Hello married man/woman

. . .Be responsible too.

You need to make conscious efforts towards being a responsible person. Being a husband or wife doesn’t automatically make you a responsible person.

You have to BE responsible.

That’s a call to ACTION to the single and married alike.

Take a sincere assessment of your life and rid yourself of every form of irresponsibility.

Grace be multiplied unto you!

© OMOSEBI Mary Omolola, PhD

Summary – Building a Beautiful Marriage

E-book Available for just N1000
E-book Available for just N1000

Looking at our world today, it is rather sad what marriages look like. There are so many troubled marriages. Divorce rate is on the increase. Domestic violence is the order of the day. Many wish they never married their spouses. Many people are going through serious issues in their marriages away from the eye of the public.

Marriage is a building. The foundation of that building will determine its ability to withstand stress. Yes, there will be stress factors attacking your marital relationship but you can overcome all of them when you allow the All-powerful God who is the author of marriage and the people involved in the marriage to be the head of your home.

When God instituted marriage, He had a picture in mind. That picture was a perfectly beautiful one. I tell you, it is possible for you to enjoy the kind of marriage that God desires for you even in the midst of the turmoil that many marriages are going through in this day and age.

You don’t have to pretend to be happy in your marriage when you are not. You don’t have to endure your marriage when you can enjoy a beautiful one afterall. You can dream again in case you have given up on your marriage. You can have a peaceful and romantic relationship with your spouse.

This book by Dr (Mrs) Mary Omolola OMOSEBI will show you how to transform your dream of having a beautiful marriage into a reality.

This book addresses topical issues relating to marriage. You will find in it several helpful tips for virtually all aspects of your marriage.

Get a copy of this book and embrace the liberating truths therein and experience the birth or reinvigoration of a loving and joyful marriage!

Summary- The Beautiful Branch

The Beautiful Branch

Anyone who decides to live life outside God is setting himself or herself up for disaster. God is the essence of our living and staying connected to Him is the way to go. In Him we live, move and have our being. You cannot detach yourself from life and expect to live. This fact is the foundation upon which the truths in this book are built.
The Beautiful Branch is a great effort in placing women on the right track right from the foundation. Provisions have been made for every aspect of your life in this power packed book.
Freedom is all about knowing the truth, accepting the reality of that knowledge and combining the two to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.
Every single word in this book has been delicately put down through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the revelation of God’s mind for you.
On the pages of The Beautiful Branch you will discover how to become the kind of woman that God wants you to be- A beautiful woman. This book will take you through what it means to have a beautiful spirit, career and appearance, be a beautiful single or wife and mother and encourage you to live to fulfil God’s purpose for your life by bearing beautiful fruits.
God wants you to be a total package of beauty and this book will show you how you can achieve that desire of God for you.
This book is filled with wise, practical, well illustrated, simple and proven principles that makes the reader to ask. . . How can I be beautiful, God’s way? And you wouldn’t have to look faraway for the answers because they are right on the pages of this book.
If you desire to be beautiful in every aspect of your life, read, study and meditate upon the awesome revelations in this book. Open your heart to receive the truths therein and see your life revolutionize.

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What people are saying about The Beautiful Branch 

This book is sent by God to quench the thirst of our generation for a complete document that can produce women who are beautiful within and without. Hidden in it are real, down-to-earth, practical principles that make a woman a model of godliness and an asset to her husband and children.

If you are hungry to know the will of God for your life as a single lady, then start here. If you want to understand your roles and responsibilities as a wife, start here. If motherhood looks confusing and child upbringing is becoming a burden, start here. If you are having challenges handling your career in relation to other areas of your life then start here. Here is a refreshing, straightforward, balanced teaching on how to please God as a woman and still have a life you can be proud of.

I strongly recommend that you get this book, read it rapidly to grasp its strategy, read it thoughtfully to understand its principles and read it intentionally to put its strategic principles to use. The end result of knowing the truths contained here will certainly be that you become a beautiful branch in the Vine and that of course is what you are destined to be.
̶ Revd. Taiwo Opajobi
Senior Pastor,
University Baptist Church, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.

The Book The Beautiful Branch addresses practically all facets of the life of a female and with helpful practical examples. Spiced with numerous relevant and impactful scriptures, is a timely wake up call and an eye opener needed to reposition a woman to her rightful position. The book expresses the need for self realization, dedication and actualization. This is a must read and recommended to not just the female-man but all.

Prof. (Mrs) Adepoju Feyi Grace
 Professor/Clinical Ophthalmologist,
University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

The writer points to the fact that whatever one does in life must have biblical backing. This book covers issues of private and public lifestyle. She is of the opinion that one cannot claim to be a Christian and not live right in his or her relationship with people.

The writer adopted a writing style that makes it easy for readers to understand, assimilate and remember the content of each chapter. The word “Beautiful” is common to all the chapters. This word aligns with the title of the book. The word “Beautiful” also fits the major audience that this book addresses, which are females. However, its applicability fits the males too.

Also, one of the beauties of this book is that the chapters are beautifully knitted together into one book, titled- The Beautiful Branch. I welcome you into a fruitful journey as you read this book.
̶ Revd. Dr. Victor Bamidele Akerele
Senior Pastor, Champions’ Cathedral
FBC Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria.

I will simply call The Beautiful Branch a total piece package to meet the total woman. Every woman should have it, read it and pass it on to others.
̶ Rev Stellamaris O. Ajetomobi
Leadership development and Missions
The Men of Issachar Vision, Ibadan, Nigeria

The Beautiful Branch is a great effort in placing women on the right track right from the foundation. The author did a very good work and gave very practicable advise for making women beautiful at every stage that a woman must pass through in life: singlehood, marriage, motherhood, career, etc.

 I am really thrilled about her section on making the single period as well as the career period beautiful. Sealing it all with godly women’s appearance is really commendable.

This is a book for every “female-man” of every age and a timely book for women counsellors, children ministers as well as pastors of all status for this end – time assignment of building beautiful lives for God.

Revd’ Elizabeth A. Bolaji, Ph D.
Ethicist, Counsellor and Lecturer
Baptist College of Theology, Oyo, Nigeria.

The Beautiful Branch is laden with profound and practical teachings. On these pages you will discover how to become the kind of woman that God wants you to be. This book is filled with wise, practical, well illustrated, simple and proven principles that makes the reader to ask. . . How can I be beautiful, God’s way? And you wouldn’t have to look faraway for the answers because they are right on the pages of this book.
This book will inspire you to fulfill your role as a woman at every phase of life. If you desire to be a balanced woman, this book is for you. I highly recommend this inspired, informative and instructive book to all. It is a must read for every woman.
̶ Prof. (Mrs) Oluwatooyin F. Osundahunsi
Sunday School Coordinator, Ondo Province 4 
Regional Coordinator, RCCG Region 22 / Professor of Food Science & Technology

So… I finished The Beautiful Branch. I don’t even know how to describe the book but I will try with these words-wonderful, amazing, real, simple and practical.

Every bit of it spoke to me. Every chapter and segment was easy to relate with. Using God’s words to explain these truths was just superb. I never thought about some things before e.g a child should be disciplined according to the instruction of the Holy Spirit not the way a parent wishes or thinks is best. I don’t know why that part struck me. I guess it looked to me like _so something as little (well not little as I now know) as disciplining a child requires instructions from Baba loke._

Wow! That’s just one of the many amazing truths I discovered in this book. I’ve been so blessed.

God bless you for blessing me with this book that is such a blessing. You’ll never cease to be a channel of blessing in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Oluwatoosin Oladejo (Blogger/Song Writer)

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Watch video to see why you should read The Beautiful Branch 

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