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Spotlight On The Boy  Child

Boy child

I can count so many families I knew personally while i was growing up, who had the-male child-is-more-important syndrome. Even now, I still see a lot of parents exhibiting this syndrome.

Over the years I have wondered why this is so.

I hear parents tell the elder sisters of a five year old that he is their father and I am like, “seriously”? So you are automatically more important than others because you are a male child?

I am sorry, I just don’t get the rationale behind a full grown woman who is a mother of four having to kneel down for her husband’s nephew who is barely a teenager all in the name of tradition.

Neither do I understand why it’s okay for a husband’s younger brother to talk down at or beat up his brother’s wife.

What has this disrespectful aspects of tradition done to us?

Increase in the rate of domestic violence as a result of residual deposits of twisted attitudinal tendencies passed from generation to generation to our boys.

Reality has dawned on the fact that we teach the girl child everything. And assume the boy child should be able to figure out the right thing since he has a male brain.

We have built our boys into men who think they are gods in their homes. . .

Men who beat up their wives at any slightest provocation.

We have instilled in them totally distorted mentalities. . .

Men who believe it is below their status as males to do house chores.

We have intentionally and unintentionally taught them that they are better by far than their female counterparts. . .

Men who believe they are always right and just must have the final say all the time.

We have told them verbally and non- verbally that they can do whatever they like without having to suffer any consequences.

Men who take advantage of women and do all in their power to suppress them because they believe they are weaklings.

It is high time fathers and mothers  began teaching their male children how it really should be.

Train up your child in the way of The Lord is the instruction. Not the way of tradition.

Teach them to love.

Teach them to be kind.

Teach them to be compassionate.

Teach them not to think too highly of themselves.

Teach them not to be violent.

Catch them young.

The time is now for us to arise and shine the spotlight on the boy child. They need their own seminars too. We need more books that talk about the God fearing men God wants them to be.

Dear mother, tell your boy child where the way is.

Dear father, model the kind of man God will be pleased with to your boy child.

Receive grace not to fail in raising your child the way God wants you to in Jesus’ name!

I pray for you as I pray for myself.

~ OMOSEBI Mary Omolola
© 2016

Guilty of Phubbing?

I came across the word ‘Phubbing’ several months ago and had wanted to write about it but it kinda got lost in my pile of ideas lined up to be written about. Today is the day it’s getting out. Amen!

So, what is Phubbing?

Phubbing’ can simply be described as PHone snUBBING.

You are Phubbing when someone is talking to you and your eyes are glued to your phone.

Imagine your wife talking to you about how a woman in the market had insulted her that day and you didn’t even look at her for a second.

Imagine your best friend telling you about her unexpected break up with her fiancé and all you could do that moment was to keep pressing your phone.

Imagine your child reporting his/her younger sister or brother to you and you just keep nodding your head while you are busy trying to finish up a session of game on your phone and then you just dismiss the accusations he/she just made with a “He’s your brother now”.

Does that sound like you?

When was the last time you went to lunch or dinner with your spouse and didn’t operate your phone?

Many people are guilty of Phubbing (I see a lot of examples on a constant basis) and that probably includes you reading this write up.

Technology is good. However, Phubbing is one fruit of technology that is ruining our relationships.

Before the advent of mobile technological devices, you had no choice but to look your friends in the eye while they bore their minds to you.

Imagine for few seconds what the fate of relationships will be in the next few years if we continue at this rate of neglect of intricate details that make a healthy relationship. . .

I see couples who wouldn’t talk to each other at all. I see face-to-face communication nonexistent. I see people communicating only via social media. I see spouses getting to know about what’s going on in their partners’ lives only on the internet. . .

Okay. Snap out of the journey to the future. . .


It is imperative that we do something about this terrible habit. And it has to be now.

We are turning from being the relational beings that God had made us to be to virtual beings. And this is affecting many people’s relationship with God too. Instead of spending time with God, they do e-talk with Him by waiting on others to speak to and hear from Him on their behalf.

First you have to identify yourself as a ‘phubber’ and the negative effects your actions are having on your relationships.

Then you have to make conscious efforts to get yourself delivered from this bad habit. Set practical rules like phones being prohibited at the dinning table and agreeing with your partner to be committed to reminding each other to set the gadgets aside when you’re talking with each other.

And yes, remember to pray that God will help you invest in your relationships so that they can succeed and deliver you from Phubbing.

Remember to enlighten your friends and spouses who are guilty culprits too.

I wish you a phubb free relationship henceforth!

~  OMOSEBI Mary Omolola
© 2016

Lessons From The Prank Mistress


I can be a prank mistress when I want to be. I have played a lot of pranks in this my life. #Miss_Mischief

One of such pranks I played on my husband a few months into our marriage. . .

I bought my husband a wristwatch and wrapped it in several layers of newspaper and then covered it with an attractive wrapping sheet. The package was very big and I left it in a conspicuous location on a day that wasn’t an anniversary or anything like that.

He was excited to have received an unexpected gift that day. He hurriedly began to peel off the wrappers one after the other. Layer after layer, he ripped off the sheets I had wrapped the mystery gift in.

All of a sudden, he threw the ball that was left in his hand away out of frustration. He blurted out that I had wasted his time unwrapping a gift that did not exist. He had run out of patience.

It was at that point that I began to laugh really hard. After I had had a very long good laugh, I pleaded with him to complete what he had started.

As a matter of fact, he had only about three or four more layers of paper to remove and he would have hit gold.

This incidence came back to memory few days back and I’ll like to share with you what was impressed on my spirit.

Aren’t many of us like that? Once we wait for God to show up and it seems He won’t any time soon, we simply give up. We throw his idea away and opt for a seemingly simpler option.

We were excited about the promise God has made us at the beginning of that particular season of our lives just like the attractive wrapping sheet that covered the package. We then begin to wait for the fulfillment and it seems it’ll take eternity.

We run out of patience.

Sometimes also, God  decides to package His best for us in unattractive packages. Just like He could put a good and circumcised heart in an unattractive body. Or he leads you into a relationship with someone who does not have any money.

But because we cannot see beyond our noses, we choose our way above His.

If only we can trust His love for us and rely on His judgement and timing. . .

How sweet the reward would be.

If only we could wait patiently for Him to round off the process of making our  blessings into the purest forms they could ever be in. . .

I admonish you today never to belittle God’s blessings.

Don’t let the ‘excitement’ that comes with the promise wane off. . .

Ask for the grace to be patient. . .

And you will testify about the expected end He promised you when He makes all things beautiful for you.


~ OMOSEBI Mary Omolola
© 2016

The Race Called Marriage

Source: Internet
Source: Internet

I had the opportunity of engaging in track sporting events when I was younger. And my area of specialization was the long distance race. I would usually run the 3000m and 1500m races. I was thinking about this today and I would like to share with you what was ministered to my heart from my experience on the tracks.

The normal thing then was to start out on a relatively low speed as we ran round the field and then when going on the last lap, put in all the energy you can gather for the race. The aim was to save some energy for the latter part of the race.

One fascinating thing then however, was that if anyone had finished a previous lap of the race and meets you while you’re still on the previous, you will be disqualified.

This is to say that speed was of great essence at the beginning as much as it was at the close of the race even though you are trying to save the best of your energy for the latter part of the race.

When a sprinter gets on the track, he must maintain his speed or better still increase his speed as the race progresses if he wants to win the race.

Marriage needs that kind of commitment too if it must stand the test of time.

There is no room for laxity in marriage. A good marriage is something you work at constantly.

It is not for you to relax because you’re now married.

Here is another story Jesus told: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a farmer who planted good seed in his field.  But that night as the workers slept, his enemy came and planted weeds among the wheat, then slipped away.”
(Matthew 13:24-25 NLT)

Marriage just like almost any other aspect of life, requires due diligence from those involved.

You tend to get too familiar with your spouse as your marriage progresses and may fall into the error of letting your marriage ‘follow it’s own course’. You think it is not necessary to put in too much efforts into making your relationship extra special.

However, when you are not watching, the enemies of your marriage will creep in one after the other. And since it won’t happen at once, the damage would have been done to the marriage before you even know what is going on.

Like a baby, marriage needs to be taken care of as much as is possible. And as it grows, the nutritional requirements also increase.

The older your marriage gets, the hotter your love should be. The farther you go in your race of marriage,  the more your investments in the marriage should be. Your marriage must be nurtured continously.

Wake up from your slumber and begin to watch over the affairs of your marriage. Water your love. Invest in your marriage. Choose to love your spouse.

Brood over your marriage in the place of prayer continously. Let the Holy Spirit be your coach.

All will be well with your marriage by the grace of God.

© OMOSEBI Mary Omolola

What Others Are Saying About ‘The Beautiful Branch’



Freedom is all about knowing the truth, accepting the reality of that knowledge and combining the two to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.
The book The Beautiful Branch is a combination of inspiration and experiences. Omolola Omosebi knows how to share her lifetime of learning as a good student of the Word of God and as a beautiful wife and mother. She compressed her years of walking with God, developing young women and joyfully serving her purpose as a wife into an easy-to-read, easy-to-absorb and easy-to-use material.
This book is sent by God to quench the thirst of our generation for a complete document that can produce women who are beautiful within and without. Hidden in it are real, down-to-earth, practical principles that make a woman a model of godliness and an asset to her husband and children.
If you are hungry to know the will of God for your life as a single lady, then start here. If you want to understand your roles and responsibilities as a wife, start here. If motherhood looks confusing and child upbringing is becoming a burden, start here. If you are having challenges handling your career in relation to other areas of your life then start here. Here is a refreshing, straightforward, balanced teaching on how to please God as a woman and still have a life you can be proud of.
I strongly recommend that you get this book, read it rapidly to grasp its strategy, read it thoughtfully to understand its principles and read it intentionally to put its strategic principles to use. The end result of knowing the truths contained here will certainly be that you become a beautiful branch in the Vine and that of course is what you are destined to be.
̶ Revd. Taiwo Opajobi
Senior Pastor,
University Baptist Church, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.


The book The Beautiful Branch addresses practically all facets of the life of a female and with helpful practical examples. Spiced with numerous relevant and impactful scriptures, is a timely wakeup call and an eye opener needed to reposition a woman to her rightful position. The book expresses the need for self realization, dedication and actualization. This is a must read and recommended to not just the female-man but all.
̶ Prof. (Mrs) Adepoju Feyi Grace
Associate Professor/Clinical Ophthalmologist,
University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.


Omolola Omosebi is a dedicated Christian. She wrote this masterpiece using two sources, experience and the Word of God. The conviction of the writer about the supremacy of the Word of God makes her to use the Bible to interpret life experiences. The writer points to the fact that whatever one does in life must have biblical backing. This book covers issues of private and public lifestyle. She is of the opinion that one cannot claim to be a Christian and not live right in his or her relationship with people.
The writer adopted a writing style that makes it easy for readers to understand, assimilate and remember the content of each chapter. The word “Beautiful” is common to all the chapters. This word aligns with the title of the book. The word “Beautiful” also fits the major audience that this book addresses, which are females. However, its applicability fits the males too.
Like a structural engineer, the writer understands the importance of foundation. Thus, she laid a solid foundation by emphasizing the importance of being a Christian. Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. This way of life is beautiful because of the Holy Spirit that dwells in the life of a believer. A Christian is therefore expected to have a beautiful spirit. This beautiful spirit must be fed and nurtured. The writer gives the “spirivites” (spiritual vitamins) needed to nurture the beautiful spirit. These “spiritual vitamins“ are embedded within the fabric of each of the chapter of this book.
The points raised by Omolola in this book are very germane to the present Christian single females who are feeling frustrated because of delay in marriage or unfulfilled dreams. This book shows that singleness is a blessed phase of life and whatever is done in this phase of life will affect the next phase of life. Every single Christian should see this phase of life as a time to be more devoted to God and be more equipped for the next phase of life. The next phase is the phase of being a wife and later a mother. When the single phase is beautiful as a result of having a beautiful spirit, the phase of being a wife and mother will also be beautiful. The writer stresses the importance of having a career that is lucrative. Truly, nobody will like to have a liability as a wife, hence, the need for every female to be beautiful in career.
The author is applauded for expressing her sense of decency as a Christian when she exposed what it means to be beautiful in appearance in this book. This truth deserves to be sounded loudly in this present day of indecent dressing within and outside the “church.” She opines that a lady with a beautiful spirit (Born again) will certainly be directed by the Holy Spirit to dress well.
One thing I can assure the readers of this book is the certainty of being fruitful as beautiful branches attached to Jesus Christ, the Vine. Also, one of the beauties of this book is that the chapters are beautifully knitted together into one book, titled-The Beautiful Branch. I welcome you into a fruitful journey as you read this book.
̶ Revd. Dr. Victor Bamidele Akerele
Senior Pastor, Champions’ Cathedral
FBC Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria.


‘The Beautiful Branch’ is a great effort in placing women on the right track right from the foundation. The author did a very good work and gave very practicable advise for making women beautiful at every stage that a woman must pass through in life: singlehood, marriage, motherhood, career, etc. There are many Christian works on marriage and motherhood and how a Christian woman can make the best out of marriage and motherhood. Omolola has joined her voice to theirs. I am really thrilled about her section on making the single period as well as the career period beautiful. Sealing it all with godly women’s appearance is really commendable. Indeed, “appearance shows the person” but many young people do not take cognizance of these. This is a book for every “female-man” of every age and a timely book for women counsellors, children ministers as well as pastors of all status for this end – time assignment of building beautiful lives for God. May this work achieve what God intends it to achieve. God bless the author and give her more grace to keep affecting lives for Christ.
̶ Revd’ Elizabeth A. Bolaji, Ph D.
Ethicist, Counsellor and Lecturer
Baptist College of Theology, Oyo, Nigeria.


The author of The Beautiful Branch, Dr (Mrs) Mary Omolola Omosebi is one of my daughters in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have seen her evolve through the stages from childhood to being a single, to being a wife and a mother. She is a strong lover of God, an anointed teacher of the Word of God and a leader who loves righteousness. The Beautiful Branch is an inspired piece coming at a perfect time for this generation of believers who desire spiritual transformation, revival and growth. This book is a means of sustenance for daily Christian living and is a relevant guide for your life’s journey to Heaven. I therefore recommend that you get a copy of this life transforming book for yourself and more for your loved ones to read and apply to your lives.
̶ Evangelist Mopelola Adetola Oluokun
Coordinator, Grace Family Mission, Nigeria/
Parish Pastor, RCCG, Oyo Province 7, Nigeria


The Beautiful Branch is laden with profound and practical teachings. On these pages you will discover how to become the kind of woman that God wants you to be. This book is filled with wise, practical, well illustrated, simple and proven principles that makes the reader to ask. . . How can I be beautiful, God’s way? And you wouldn’t have to look faraway for the answers because they are right on the pages of this book.
This book will inspire you to fulfill your role as a woman at every phase of life. If you desire to be a balanced woman, this book is for you. I highly recommend this inspired, informative and instructive book to all. It is a must read for every woman.
̶ Prof. (Mrs) Oluwatooyin F. Osundahunsi
Sunday School Coordinator, Ondo Province 4 
Regional Coordinator, RCCG Region 22 / Professor of Food Science & Technology


The author of The Beautiful Branch explicitly made it clear that the Spirit of God yoking with the spirit of a man gives him his definitions and terms of interests in life. This is the basic foundation for any life that will be beautiful in the Spirit, Soul and body. John 17:3 says, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent”. Nobody can know God or do the things of God except by the Spirit of God. It is God who by His Spirit makes us both to will and do of His pleasure in searching the word, seeking Him in the place of prayers and other exercises that will make us gain root. All these are well explained in this book making it fit for believers at all level.
The author also encouraged us to identify who we are individually and be functional so that the total beauty of the whole body of Christ might manifest. You as a person can be fulfilled. She further emphasized the fact that we are all relevant in God’s agenda, she encourages you to locate your place and fix yourself into it. No one will solve the puzzle of your life for you. You have to do that through the help of the Spirit of God. The large house has vessels unto honour and dishonour, if you have found yourself in this great house, also see to it that you secure honour within the house.
Omosebi Mary Omolola has thrown some light on how well to live when in waiting as spinsters. It is important for the unmarried to live her life to the fullest. It is who you are that you will take into marriage. Many have taken half lived lives into marriage thus leading to problems in their marriages. In the counsel of God it is one plus one that makes one in the union. When you have not lived a full life as a single, you go in as half or less and wanting your spouse to pay for the extra you have left. This often causes internal regrets and external struggles.
It is good to be a woman but becoming a wife is an added responsibility. As such the woman must know in details what God’s intention for the marriage union is and this cannot be taken lightly. “The Beautiful Branch” dedicated a whole chapter to this. Most striking for me in this segment of the book is that we must put God in His place and the husband in his place as your husband can’t take the place of God. You also can’t take the place of God in the life of your husband.
Mothers are leaders. She is many things to her child. Often she is the first expression of the world and she is the first interpretation of what Christianity is to her children. This book is a must read for women seeking to do well in the assignment of motherhood. The one who does not work should not eat and this book opens up to the beautiful woman who would listen to her niche and pursue what she can do best as career. Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all diligence but balance is the key so you don’t allow other areas of your life to suffer.
Whenever you see a ripe pawpaw, you don’t need to open it up before you know it is ripe, the same way your appearance portrays who you are. This book also focuses on the importance of how you look. Eyes eat before mouth; men will see you before you are heard.
I will simply call The Beautiful Branch a total piece package to meet the total woman. Every woman should have it, read it and pass it on to others.
̶ Rev Stellamaris O. Ajetomobi
Leadership development and Missions
The Men of Issachar Vision, Ibadan, Nigeria

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