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¤ Apple crumble cake ¤

Making this cake is so easy compared to how delicious it is. The first time I tried this recipe, the while cake finished in just a few minutes. It makes for an excellent dessert. I think you should try it too. Ingredients – 2/3 cup Self-raising flour– 1/2 tsp Ground cinnamon – 3 tbsp Butter– […]

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¤ Eko and Efo riro ¤

  Watching your weight (or height. . .lol)? I’ve got you covered tonight Dinner is served. . . I like the pop of colour the pap from yellow maize gives this dish . . .and it’s got beta-carotene. For the pap, Ingredients – 1 cup fermented corn starch – 2.5 cups water MARY’s Method * […]

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¤ Beans and Fried Stew (Ewa Agoyin) ¤

I mean seriously, I love this dish like kilode. Beans was my best food as a child. Guess that’s why I’m very tall. Lol.  Anyway, almost anything made with beans is my favourite. Ingredients -2 cups Nigerian Honey beans -Pepper blend -1 large onion -1/2 cup Palm oil -1 seasoning cube -Salt MARY’s Method * […]

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¤ Yam Porridge ¤

 No real big deal with this dish but I love it anyway. #Yamrecipe #AsaroElepoRederede Ingredients-5 slices of yam-1 medium sized onion-Blended pepper (tomato+pepper)-Palm oil-1/2-1 cup Shredded smoked fish-2 tsp Ground crayfish– 1/4 cup whole crayfish (head removed) (optional)-1 cup Ugu or amaranth leaves (washed and chopped)-2 Seasoning cubes-1/2 tsp each Curry and thyme-Salt MARY’s Method […]

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¤ Bean Roll ¤

This is a creative presentation of your regular moi moi. No difference in the ingredients; just the preparation method. I am certain that you and your family/guests will love this. . . Ingredients – 3 cups Black eyed beans– 4 Romano pepper/Spice garden bell pepper (tatashe)– 2 Scotch bonnet– 2 Big Onions– 2/3 cup Flaked […]

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¤ Beans and Maize Combo ¤

You already know that I like beans a lot. Here’s another bean-based dish. I particularly like this combo because of it’s high nutritional value. The amino acids are relatively balanced. And the taste is spectacular. Ingredients– 4 cobs Freshly harvested corn– 2 cups Nigerian Honey beans– 1 Large onion– 2 Scotch bonnet– 1.5 cup Palm […]

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¤ Efo Riro ¤ (Yoruba style Vegetable soup)

When they say, “That woman has prepared vegetable soup for that man, so he does her bidding”, I suspect this is the soup they are talking about. . . Lol How many ‘lives’ does this soup have sef? Ingredients – Lagos spinach (shoko) (or Amaranth (tete)) -3 large Red bell peppers-3 Finger chilli peppers-1-2 Scotch […]

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¤ Juicy Vegetable Soup ¤

Sometimes I love my vegetable soup to be really juicy. Amaranth has this special peculiar taste I can’t resist when it comes to juicy vegetable soup. It makes for a dish without me adding any accompaniment No big deal. Same method with my efo riro. You can find recipe for the vegetable soup (efo riro) […]

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¤ Gbegiri ¤ (Bean Soup)

I am a proper Oyo lady and I will be sharing the recipe for one of our special soups today. Ingredients – 1 Cup Black eyed cowpea– 1 Medium sized Onion– 1 Scotch bonnet – 2 Tbsp Locust bean– 1 Tbsp Ground crayfish– 1/4 Cup deboned smoked mackerel (optional)– 1/4 Cup Palm oil– 1 Seasoning […]

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