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We have always had a mental picture of compromise in a positive way. But then i want us to have a view of it in another way. Compromise!. 🤔 It simply means meeting at the middle. A concession; yielding or conceding to something. We are always faced with core decisions in our walk of faith. […]

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  Some days ago happened to be our new location dedication for our church parish. We were all excited about what God did amongst the big few. Smiles.💃 And while trying to set things in order while anticipating the coming of the provincial pastors and other ministers who were launching the venue, I was sent […]

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Some time ago, I wrote on a woman on a mission and surprisingly I got requests to write on the topic for the male folks as well. Smiles. It’s a blessing you know to have men who definitely know their being ain’t meant to be a norm or for them to be mere men. But […]

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🙇💞 ** WHEN HE HEARS IT ALL! ** 👂🌼

  Smiles…I promise to make this brief but it’s an experience I don’t want to take likely as one of the usual happenings. Early on a Friday morning, I woke up and was preparing to set out to work. Only for this amazing wind to start blowing and practically threw the environment in disarray as […]

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You Touched My Heart: A Love Song

Some months back, I received a private message from a certain lady. I checked out her profile and found out we were actually Facebook friends. I didn’t even know how or when we became friends. After exchanging a few pleasantries, she went on to inform me about her reason for reaching out to me. She […]

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