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You Touched My Heart: A Love Song

Some months back, I received a private message from a certain lady. I checked out her profile and found out we were actually Facebook friends. I didn’t even know how or when we became friends.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, she went on to inform me about her reason for reaching out to me.

She had a request. “I want you to be my mentor” she wrote.

I was actually in a bit of shock at her request.

At our next interaction, I found out that she was the niece of one of my former church members. Then she blurted out that she knew my siblings. She used to come visit that included hers and had attended our church a few times. But I didn’t know her.

What a small world.

I have met her and been relating with her for a while now and one thing I have found out about her is that she loves The Lord.

She is very passionate about fulfilling purpose and that is something that endears her to me.

I am writing this today because I woke up singing her new single and I have been singing it over and over today. I just can’t get the song out of my head.

Oluwatoosin Oladejo released her maiden single (YOU TOUCHED MY HEART) on 25th December 2016

She doesn’t even know I am doing this. I am sure it will come as a surprise to her.

It’s a love song. And I love love songs.

You will love this song too. It will touch your heart.

Please download and listen to her new song.


I am positive that the song will bless you richly.

  • OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)


First Things First


Bola: Hello dear
Dupe: Hi
Bola: I need your help
Dupe: Ok. What’s it about?
Bola: I want you to HELP me pray about my marital life. I know that you always hear from God well. I want to know if Lekan is d right choice of a marriage partner for me.
Dupe: You mean the same Lekan?
Bola: Yes
Dupe: God will help us.
Bola: Amen! Thanks.

(Bola has been in a relationship with Lekan for 5 years. Both have had carnal knowledge of each other. They have violated the word of God “Thou shall not commit adultery” on several occasions.)

Why should you have to beg someone to pray on your behalf to God (who is your father), when you have access to Him except you have broken the link by engaging in sin? I am not saying that you shouldnt tell your Pastor/mentor to pray along with you concerning issues. What I’m saying is that even if your Pastor prayed along with you, know that you must still hear from God by yourself what He would have you do. This is why it is important to develop a personal relationship with God.

Having said that, some of us do think that God is a fool(smiles). We want him to speak to us when it comes to marital choice/decision when we haven’t been listening to His voice when He speaks concerning other issues of life prior the desperate search for His will for a marriage partner.

How do you expect God to speak to you when you have become an unrepentant sinner?
Even if He speaks, how will you hear Him when your heart is far from Him?

You need to check yourself by asking yourself these questions: How much of yourself have you given to God? When was the last time you took out time to study His word, checked your spiritual growth and prayed to him?

You dont want to miss it maritally, but you are already on your way to missing eternity.

Hmmm. You need to reorder your priorities.


Come back to God. He is your father and He loves you still.

  • Deborah Olujimi

At The Well


Abraham understood the place of prayer in choosing a wife for his son Isaac. The Bible records the story of the search for a wife for Isaac in Genesis 24.

. . .HE shall send his Angel before thee . . . (Genesis 24:7b)

Abraham was sure of God’s ability to lead his servant through the process of getting the right woman for his son. He gave some vital instructions to his servant.

The servant got to a point, that all he could ask for was God’s direction on his journey to get a wife for Isaac.

The servant got to THE WELL. . .

. . .at the WELL of the evening, even the time WOMEN go out to draw water.” (Genesis 24:11)

He knew the only solution to get a godly wife for his master(Isaac) was to seek the face of God.

If he failed to pray to God, it’s possible that he would have been confused since a lot of women would have come to fetch water at the well and he would have started playing games (casting lots) on who will be his master’s wife.

The servant prayed to God,

And let it come to pass, that the damsel to whom I shall say, Let down thy pitcher, I pray thee, that I may drink; and she shall say, Drink, and I will give thy camels drink also: let the same be she that thou hast appointed for thy servant Isaac; and thereby shall I know that thou hast shewed kindness unto my master. (Genesis 24:14)

Can you see a specific, sincere and clear request? Hmmm. God answered him. His request was granted.

…and it came to pass”. (Genesis 24:  vs 15)

Hello brethren, God answers sincere and clear prayers.

Do you know that the best time to pray AT THE WELL, is before the TIME THAT WOMEN COME OUT TO DRAW WATER? (Before you become confused with list/names of brothers/sisters, and you don’t know what to do). Seek the face of God now, before you begin to have feelings for those brothers/sisters and you become confused.

The best time to pray AT THE WELL is NOW

Knee before God and pray a sincere,specific and honest prayer.
God is not a God of confusion. If you are SINCERE in your prayers, he will definitely answer you. Then you will smile and say “And it came to pass. . .”

See God at work.

Laban couldn’t say “NO” (vs 51- “as the LORD hath spoken”)

Rebekah couldn’t say “NO” either (vs 58- “. . .and she said, I will go”). Isn’t that a YES? (Smiles)

Specific and Sincere Prayers are very important and powerful tools in choosing a life partner.

Knee at THE WELL and pray a specific, sincere and honest prayer. Leave the rest to God. And it will surely come to pass. Because the desires of the righteous will be granted.

  • Deborah Olujimi
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