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The Beautiful Branch

Several years ago, I had the premonition that I was going to begin writing books sometime in the future.

About seven (7) years ago, I wrote down the title of my first book in my journal. I did not even have an outline as at the time. Neither did I bother about it. I knew the time was not right for me to begin to write the book.

Many people had suggested I write a book and all I could tell them was that I was not ready for that. One of my uncles even wanted to link me up with a publisher at a time. My answer to him was the same.

Five+ years down the line, I felt strongly in my spirit that the time had come. I was led to look through my journal and there it was- the title of the book i was going to write. I had wanted to embark on a different project entirely but I didn’t get a go-ahead in that line. I was asked to focus on the book.

January 2015, I typed the title of the book. The book was going to have seven (7) chapters. I got my outline ready and the journey began.

I wrote for months. Sometimes I would not write anything for weeks. All I would do was pray and ask The Holy Spirit for more inspiration.

By December 2015, I had one chapter to go and I kept procrastinating finishing it up. About a week to the close of the year, I had to burn the night candle on end considering the busy nature of that time of the year. I just kept hearing in my spirit- “You must finish writing this book this year”

To the glory of God, I finished writing on the 30th of December  2015.

Logistics and other issues kept pushing the readiness of the book further on. And now, it is about time the book gets out there.

The amazing part of this journey is the fact that God has decided to allow this book to be sent into the world at a time when there is a hike in prices. It feels like a dream. I must tell you that this is my greatest walk of faith yet this year.

I am awed by what God is doing. And I am totally humbled to be counted worthy as a vessel in His Hands.

. . . A little something to mark my birthday this year.

A new born book.

By the grace of God, “The Beautiful Branch” will be dedicated and launched in 2016. . . In a few weeks.

Watch this space!

. . . And make sure you order your copy.

The Beautiful Branch is a product of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is power packed. It is a must have and read for every woman who wants to live a full purposeful life and be beautiful through and through.

. . . Men too should read this book.

You should get copies for yourself, your wife, mother, fiancée, daughters, friends, etc. This is a perfect gift for you and them.

~ OMOSEBI Mary Omolola


And He Proposed Marriage. . .



My husband proposed to me on a day like this. . . Eleven years ago.

Who’s up for some gist?


I had just gotten admission into the university and I met the man that was going to become my husband about one week after I resumed. It was on a Sunday that we met for the first time. He welcomed me to church like every other person did the first timers. I never imagined that one of the people I had just shaken hands with on that day would become the love of my love

The real story is that one of his friends was ‘sharper’ than him. This guy was quick to befriend me. It was almost as if he was stalking me. Only God knows how he found out about virtually all my moves. He knew the day I travelled and the day I returned from home. . . I still wonder who his informants were.

Well, despite the fact that I was just a young teenager at that time, I just never felt like I was ever going to have anything serious with this guy.

The funny thing though was that these two guys became my friends. We were all choristers in the Church. Both of them would accompany me from my hostel to the lecture hall where I observed my night study. One may carry my bag while the other holds my jacket. I enjoyed their company but as the months went by, I grew fonder of my would – be husband.

A description of me was that of an overly serious girl who only had three basic destinations- Church, School and my hostel.

My father was soldier like, a no – nonsense man. He was stricter than the word strict itself.

Yet, this guy that won my love is the first male to come visit me in my father’s house.

I almost died from shock when i saw him at our gate. We had seen each other the previous day. Members of the church I attended in school had come to my hometown for a burial ceremony that Saturday. When they were about leaving, he said he wanted to make a bet. He said he was going to give me two thousand naira if he didn’t show up in my house the next day and otherwise if he did. I took his statement lightly because i felt he wouldn’t dare since i had told him about my father. I can never forget the look on his face as their bus took off from my town that day. He said he was missing me already and I was lost because of an incident that had occurred some weeks before that time.

On a certain evening, right after a worship service in church, he requested to speak to me about something serious. He said he was breaking up with me (when we never had a formal relationship in the first place). He said in plain terms that he desired a love relationship with me but it wasn’t going to happen. His reason? He was loyal to his friend who had made his intention towards me known to him. He said it was best he stayed away from me as much as possible. What could I have done? I agreed. I was kinda disappointed though because I had really liked him ( maybe I was in love already sef but wouldn’t admit it because I had made up my mind not to begin any love relationship until I had graduated).

We continued our lives on campus far away from each other until my final year when he became suddenly friendly again. He asked me about what I had decided about being in a relationship with his friend and my answer obviously empowered him to decide to be closer with me. We simply picked up from where we left our friendship. We talked about everything possible without tiring. We laughed without restraint. . . He actually taught me to talk and laugh.

And when I wasn’t expecting it, on the evening of May 18, 2005, he asked me to marry him.



One lesson i learnt from that phase of my life is that there is time for everything under heaven. God always has your life mapped out. All you have to do is trust His timing. Wait for the appointed time.

For the gist of how long it took me to give him a reply and the events that followed CLICK HERE

© OMOSEBI Mary Omolola

Celebrate Your Love

It so happens that my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary are exactly 7days apart so i normally put up posts to celebrate both on Facebook. Last year, someone on my friend list made a comment on the birthday post I had put up to celebrate my husband. This person said I should not proclaim my husband. And his reason is that he felt I should be scared of husband snatchers. All I could do at that time was smile endlessly.

Here really is the point. I am a minister and my marriage is a ministry. I am an encourager and my marriage should be too. I don’t talk about my life to brag to anyone but to encourage people that they can have fulfilling relationships under God. I do what i do out of personal conviction. I have never said my life/spouse/marriage was perfect. I am simply an epitome of God’s grace and I am ALWAYS humbled by that fact.

However, we hear too many negative stories about marriage in our wold today. We need to counter the effect of all the negativity though by pitching the positive stories to the glory of God. The very reason I love posts where spouses celebrate their marriages of several years.

I remember someone reacting to that friend’s comment and asking why I still thanked the person for such a comment. My response was that we see things differently one from another and my show of gratitude was not sarcastic. I meant it. It doesn’t necessarily mean one is right and the other is wrong if we hold varying views about an issue. What’s important is to have the right motives for whatever we do and how we do them.

Well, as usual I talked to God about that incidence and I got a clear. . .

“There is no fear in love” was what I heard in my spirit.

I love the book of Songs of Solomon like wetin happen. And it is a support system for this post.

The man and his woman in that book did so well celebrating their love. They told each other how wonderful they were to each other. . . And they told others too.

The love they shared obviously thrived so well. They watered their love with their words as they did with their actions.

I have heard some married women say that the last time they heard their husbands tell them that they loved them was on their wedding day. And God help those who got married in a country like Nigeria where you don’t even have to say “I love you”, to your spouse on your wedding day.

I feel so elated when my husband speaks highly about me while teaching in Church or while just speaking to people. Of course I know he loves me but we still make sure to affirm our love for each other at every given opportunity.

I sometimes laugh within myself when I see someone talking to the spouse over the phone end the call with “you too”. I could almost guess that the person on the other side of the phone had said “I love you”. You shouldn’t get tired of saying “I love you” to your spouse. . . And be sure you mean it.

When last did you tell your wife or husband that you love them?

When last did you send an SMS or email to remind him/her how much you cherish him/her?

How about you pick up your phone and give your spouse a call. . .Tell him/her you are thinking of him and you love her.

Yes, he/she probably knows that you love him/her. It is however imperative that you tell your spouse constantly.

It’s okay if you decide to celebrate your love only in the corners of your house.

It’s okay also if you decide to ask others to celebrate with you like the Shulamite in the book of Song of Solomon.

However way you decide. . .

Choose wisely. . .

Just make sure you celebrate and strengthen the chords of your love. Celebrate your spouse! Celebrate the grace of God. Celebrate God’s way.

© OMOSEBI Mary Omolola, PhD


I have had the privilege to relate with many people who have resolved not to get married. They, out of fear of the outcome of their choice believe it is better to remain single.

I tell them, “I have been there before”. I had vouched NEVER to get married if the picture of marriage I could see in most places around me was what marriage was really about. I was scared to death of marriage.

However, being relatively an emotional person, I definitely had to pour my love somewhere. I found the perfect avenue. I focused all my energy on pouring my love on God. And it was refreshing.  I loved doing just that (and i still do). I just loved being in God’s presence and working for Him. And I wanted Him to be the only one to share that level of intimacy with.

Lo and behold, while having a chat with The Lord one day, I heard clearly, “I need you to get married”. I began to protest against that voice. I gave reason upon reason why I thought it was best I stayed single. And the reply was simple. “Your motivation is fear. There is no fear in me. Don’t worry, I will not let you make a mistake. I have prepared one of my sons for you”

It was at that point that I allowed by heart begin to think of the possibility of me getting married. I began to let loose a little. I began to pray for my married life afterwards. Trust me though, the Omolola that I am, I was still afraid of the choice I believed God had approved up until a week before the wedding when I prayed some violent prayers and was ready to call off the wedding if that was not the right path. I was assured that God had indeed approved the relationship when I was blessed with inner peace at that point.

Is my marriage perfect? No. Why? We are two imperfect people married to each other. But we enjoy the grace of God. We are happy and fulfilling purpose.

You can have a happy marriage too my friends. Yes, there are so many unhappy marriages and the divorce rate is on the increase but there are still happy marriages. I know several happy marriages – those that are happy for real; not the type that are just faking their happiness and are just enduring their marriage.

Desire a happy marriage. Pray for it. God will give you one. Let God lead you along the best pathway for your life (Psalm 32:8).

God gives good gifts to His children. Just be ready to follow His instructions 100%.

Clear out from your mind the negative notions you have about marriage. Look forward to having a marriage that you will enjoy and not endure. And be ready to work at having a marriage that honours God.

The fact that your parents had a wobbly marriage doesn’t mean that you would too. History does not have to repeat itself with you like it has with your siblings. You don’t have to marry a wife abuser like your neighbour did.

Do it right. Walking this road with God is the right way that will lead you to the right destination.

I pray for the ear that hears the Lord clearly for you in Jesus’ name.

P. S. I’ll be featuring some beautiful couples on this platform soon.

~ OMOSEBI Mary Omolola, PhD

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Know Your Blood Type (group, genotype, rhesus factor)


During my PhD research field work, one of the children that was a subject in my clinical trials was very sickly and wasn’t responding well to treatment. The infant was subjected to a blood test and that was when it was discovered that the child’s genotype was SS.

Right there in the hospital upon knowing the outcome of the test the father of the child made it known that his relationship with the mother of the child was practically over since he could not try having another child with her. Even though nurses tried talking to him about the possibility of managing the boy’s condition I could notice his change in attitude at subsequent clinic appointments compared to how loving he seemed initially.

Save yourself the stress that can be caused by ignorance my friend. Make sure you know your blood type.

Sometimes ago, I asked a lady what her blood group was and she said “S”.

I ask you too today, “What’s your blood group, genotype and rhesus factor?” There is a difference between your blood group and your genotype.

It’s very important to know what they are (so you identify the red zones). Before you go too far with that man, towards marriage, go for a blood test together. (There is a recent case of a man who lied about his genotype to his fiancee. They got married and the truth was revealed when one of their children started falling sick because he was a sickle cell carrier). So be watchful.

Ignorance can cost you a whole lot. Be sure that your blood types are compatible. And that the combination of your blood types would not give your child a problematic blood type. Love is not blind at all.

Ignorance has led to some women loosing pregnancies over and over (and thereby labelled witches) not knowing that it is was just a case of differing rhesus factors.

Ignorance has led to poverty and lack of peace in some homes. Knowing your blood type also matters when it comes to blood transfusion.

If your genotype is AS, I beg you in the name of the Lord, don’t marry someone whose genotype is also AS or worse still SS or SC (except you are very sure that the Lord Himself has assured you of safety on that road). Think of the children you will have. The pains that sickle cell carriers go through is unbearable. Spare those children please.

And spare yourselves the horror too. I tell you, having sickly children will test that love you say is the reason you are marrying that person and damming the consequences.

Research results show that there is some evidence that certain components having to do with fertility can be shown to be under the influence of blood type, in particular, the level of antibodies a woman secretes into her vaginal tract that are directed toward other blood types can be shown to be under the influence of secretor status and diet. The rejection of the man’s sperm can often be the result of blood type incompatibility (Dr D’Adamo).

In case of emergencies too, the knowledge of these details about yourself would come in handy

The Blood groups: A; B; O; and AB. Group O is the universal donor(they can give every group blood). Group A can donate to A’s and AB’s. Group B can donate to B’s and AB’s. AB can donate to AB’s but can receive from all others.

Your blood type is inherited from both of your parents. Each parent carries TWO “alleles” for both blood group and Rh factor, of which only ONE is passed to each offspring. What alleles they possess constitutes their genotype. Some alleles dominate over others. For example, a parent with type A+ may have 2 “A” alleles, or, they may have one A and one O. In the latter case, the O will be dominated by the A, and that person will be blood type A, but can still pass the O trait on to a child. Similarly, a person who is Rh+ may have either two + alleles, or one Rh+ and one Rh-, with the Rh+ dominating. Again, in the latter case, they may pass either an Rh+ or Rh- allele to their child.

An A or B allele will dominate over an O, so if your genotype is AO, you will be type A, and if it is BO, you will be type B. People with both an A and B allele have type AB, since neither dominates the other. Since the O allele is recessive, people with type O blood will always have the genotype OO. The Rh+ allele dominates Rh-, so a person with a positive Rh factor may be ++ or +-. Those who are Rh negative are always –.

Knowledge is power!

-OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)                    ©2016

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