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Podcast Ep 3 (Prosperity at the Next Level)

    I reckon that everyone wants better out of his/her life at every given time. You want something more today than your life offered yesterday. You want to move to the next level. Every sane person looks forward to getting to the heights that he/she has envisioned in his/her mind. Sadly, many people remain […]

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Podcast Ep 2 (My Valentine’s Day Depression)

  The rave about Valentine’s Day can be something else sometimes. . . In this podcast episode, I am sharing with you my Valentine’s Day experience from some years back. And I reckon you will pick some lessons from my experience just like I did. You’ll see how your environment can affect your thought line […]

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Podcast Ep 1 (There’s More To You!)

I tell you, there is more to you than you or anyone can see right now. And that is why I am charging you through my first podcast to seek to know more about yourself. If you would live a truly fulfilled life, this is a necessity and the key lies with one person. How […]

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