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Let’s talk Chastity! (2)

Still on the issue of chastity. This time around the focus is on the married. O yes, before you ask, chastity concerns the married too. Chastity within the confines of marriage means you don’t do anything to violate your marriage either with someone other than your spouse (adultery) or with yourself (pornography). Your marriage is honourable […]

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Let’s Talk Chastity! (1)

Sadly, this topic is turning into a ‘not so fancy’ topic as the days go by (Sigh).  Chastity is sexual purity. It is a virtuous character. It is purity in conduct and intention (action and thought alike). Chastity concerns everyone, married or unmarried.Marriage is honourable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers […]

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A Working Relationship With God Births A Working Relationship With Man

The Word of God is health and life not only to our soul, but also to the marrow of our bones. God has taught me that His word is alive and powerful. When someone shares a verse from His Word, God wants us to actively incorporate it into our thoughts. We shouldn’t just read His […]

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Marry God’s Friend

  I have read and heard many people who advice that one thing that makes marriage work is to marry your friend. But this theory has failed many. They marry this so-called friend and he begins to act like a stranger. They begin to wonder where the person they thought they knew and got married […]

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