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SEX IN MARRIAGE : A Message to Women

Many men complain about their wives depriving them of sex. As much as the men have a part to play in the overall health of their sex life, I have chosen to speak to women about the importance of sex in marriage. In this video, I also encourage the women to deal with the issues that might be responsible for their hatred for / lack of interest in marital sex.

This video is focused on single and married women.

This was a live broadcast and here’s the replay.


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Spark to Flames

Let’s take the fireplace as a case study:

You know, when you gather sticks to cook on a fireplace, for you to have a smooth cooking experience you have to continually shake off the ash from the sticks and push them further inside so that they can together give you better igniting power.

It is so with marriage too. Your marriage can get better no matter how long you have been married for or what your marriage looks like now.

Watch this video now to find out more:

This video is a replay from the webinar for married women organized by The Beautiful Branch Ministries.

Please remember to share this with your married female friends.

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The Lady Princess

Who is a lady?

Whose princess are we talking about here?

Who is a lady princess?

What makes her a woman a lady princess?

What kind of man deserves her?

Find answers to these questions as you watch this video.

This video is a replay from a Webinar for singles held in the Beautiful Branches’ Facebook group with OMOSEBI Mary Omolola, PhD

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I feel strongly to lead a social media campaign for sexual purity themed NO SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE.

It is for both singles and married.

I will like to specially invite you to join me on this campaign that will kick off on the 3rd of April 2017.

Join your voice with mine as we tell the World God’s mandate and our decision to stay faithful and keep our bodies from defilement.

This epidemic called sexual immorality is taking over our world without remorse. Let’s stand up unapologetically and tell the world that we stand for purity- single and married alike.

This has been on my mind for several months and I believe it is time to embark on it.

All you need to do is write a poem, story, testimony, letter, pledge, song, tweet. . . anything to pass across the message that you stand against sex outside marriage and why.

. . . Perhaps we might save a few… Or many!

You can make it a once off thing or severally in the course of the week.

If you want, a poster will be designed for you with your picture to add to your campaign post. Please signify in the comments section so that you can know where to send your details. . . Few slots available.

I will also be featuring seasoned and experienced men/women who will enlighten us on topical issues in relation to this campaign in the course of the week.

I ask you to join me in this campaign.

It will be an eight-day long campaign.

Be ready to

🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺


Are you in?


***** Please share the word.


-OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)

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Summary- The Beautiful Branch

The Beautiful Branch

Anyone who decides to live life outside God is setting himself or herself up for disaster. God is the essence of our living and staying connected to Him is the way to go. In Him we live, move and have our being. You cannot detach yourself from life and expect to live. This fact is the foundation upon which the truths in this book are built.
The Beautiful Branch is a great effort in placing women on the right track right from the foundation. Provisions have been made for every aspect of your life in this power packed book.
Freedom is all about knowing the truth, accepting the reality of that knowledge and combining the two to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.
Every single word in this book has been delicately put down through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the revelation of God’s mind for you.
On the pages of The Beautiful Branch you will discover how to become the kind of woman that God wants you to be- A beautiful woman. This book will take you through what it means to have a beautiful spirit, career and appearance, be a beautiful single or wife and mother and encourage you to live to fulfil God’s purpose for your life by bearing beautiful fruits.
God wants you to be a total package of beauty and this book will show you how you can achieve that desire of God for you.
This book is filled with wise, practical, well illustrated, simple and proven principles that makes the reader to ask. . . How can I be beautiful, God’s way? And you wouldn’t have to look faraway for the answers because they are right on the pages of this book.
If you desire to be beautiful in every aspect of your life, read, study and meditate upon the awesome revelations in this book. Open your heart to receive the truths therein and see your life revolutionize.

Order your copy now if you are in Nigeria:

Are you outside Nigeria, place your order here instead (shipping cost to anywhere in the world included) :

Please fill the contact form at the bottom of the page to send your delivery details (postal address and phone number) once your payment goes through.


Watch video to see what other people are saying about The Beautiful Branch 

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With A Grateful Heart

Omosebi Mary Omolola

I had to embark on a journey to get a document some days back and that day was a remarkable and humbling one for me.

I was able to fill all the necessary forms at the office and by the time I was through with the processing, I received a not too pleasant information. I was told that the document wasn’t going to be ready for several weeks. I was like, “what”? This was not the first time I would apply for this kind of document and it always took just 2-3days. “Change had changed this too?” I asked playfully.

Anyway, I resigned to fate and left the office. As I got to the junction and waited for a cab, I noticed a woman standing by the door of a car parked right at the junction looking at me.

I felt it weird that someone was gazing at me that much. At first, I felt I was imagining things but after a few seconds, I was certain that my mind wasn’t playing games with me. I saw what I saw.

Instead of waiting for a cab, I hopped on a bike almost immediately. I just wanted to leave that place as soon as possible.

However, immediately I sat on the bike, I felt that I should have just walked up to the person to ask what the issue was but I waved it off.

I stopped the bike man at the next junction. I decided to wait for a cab right there.

Lo and behold, the same car that I had seen earlier parked right beside me.

The first thing that crossed my mind was to say to myself, “Blood of Jesus”.

There were two women in the car. The older woman was the one driving. She called out to me and I looked into the car. I saw that the face was unfamiliar but then I said, “Good afternoon”.

“Please, are you Mrs Omolola Omosebi?” She asked.

I paused for a few seconds trying to see if I could place a finger on where I knew her from before answering in the affirmative.

She exclaimed and told the other woman, “You see. I told you it looked like the person in the photo.”

She then faced me and told me her name. She said she quickly logged into her Facebook account to check my profile when she first saw me stand at the other junction and that was why she kept looking at me there.

She then asked if I stayed in that city to which I answered, “No”. She asked me what I had come to do then. I explained to her and when she heard me say that the document I had come for was going to take weeks, she looked concerned. Immediately, she put a call through to someone who worked at the office I had been to earlier and she arranged with the woman to fast track the process to just a few days. She even volunteered to pay any extra charges but the woman said there would be no need for that.

She took me in her car and dropped me at my next stop which was at an opposite end from where she was going initially.

On the journey, she told me how she is a silent follower of my posts and how much she is being blessed by them. We exchanged contacts and she even said that her home was open to me any time I was in town and needed to sleep over. She treated me really kindly and like a celebrity.

I am totally humbled by what happened that day. That’s just how I feel- humbled.

I appreciate God for the precious gift he has deposited inside me. What a great privilege to be seen worthy of such treasure.

I thank Jesus for the grace to put it to use. He called me and I am so grateful for that.

I thank the Holy Spirit my Teacher. His anointing upon the ministrations make all the difference. I am but just a vessel. I acknowledge the One at work in and through me.

I appreciate all those who have invested in me knowingly and unknowingly.

God bless you real good Mrs O.A. To extend that much kindness to someone you never met is adorable. It didn’t even feel like we hadn’t known each other prior that day.

I also want to use this opportunity to appreciate all those who read my writings. I appreciate the active and passive followers. I appreciate the feedbacks publicly and privately. God bless you all.

Before I end this, I want to encourage you to trade diligently with whatever talents God has invested in you.

Shine that little light of yours in that little corner of yours.

You’ll never know what access or doors those gifts will open for you.

-OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)
© 2016

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Double Newness


Today is the day!

Omosebi E-books

A day of double newness- 16/08/16

By the grace of God, I have put together two new books.

☆ The Polished Single
☆ Building a Beautiful Marriage

I trust God that these books will bless you.

The Polished Single is a book primarily for singles. It is a guide to enjoying a purposeful single life. It will encourage you to make decisions that will make your today beautiful and ensure a wonderful future. It will help you maximise this period as you journey through the single phase of your life.

Building a Beautiful Marriage is for the married and those that are planning to get married. It will nourish you and in turn bless your marriage. This is a book for everyone who desires a beautiful marriage. You don’t have to endure your marriage. I desire that you will enjoy it instead and that’s why this book is here to spur you to have a beautiful one.

They are officially ready for purchase at a token price of N1000 from today.

They are both available as E-books.

For information on how to get these books, please visit RESOURCES


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Building a Beautiful Marriage

E-book Available for just N1000
E-book Available for just N1000


Are you married?

Are you planning to get married?

If your answer is YES, then Building A Beautiful Marriage is for you.

Order your copy now with your Card:



Click here to see more books by the author


Pay into Guaranty Trust Bank Account
Account number: 0050520421

After paymentsend an email to or call +2348158867545 to supply details of your location, number of copies paid for and email address you want the eBook sent to.



Looking at our world today, it is rather sad what marriages look like. There are so many troubled marriages. Divorce rate is on the increase. Domestic violence is the order of the day. Many wish they never married their spouses. Many people are going through serious issues in their marriages away from the eye of the public.
Marriage is a building. The foundation of that building will determine its ability to withstand stress. Yes, there will be stress factors attacking your marital relationship but you can overcome all of them when you allow the All-powerful God who is the author of marriage and the people involved in the marriage to be the head of your home.
When God instituted marriage, He had a picture in mind. That picture was a perfectly beautiful one. I tell you, it is possible for you to enjoy the kind of marriage that God desires for you even in the midst of the turmoil that many marriages are going through in this day and age.
You don’t have to pretend to be happy in your marriage when you are not. You don’t have to endure your marriage when you can enjoy a beautiful one afterall. You can dream again in case you have given up on your marriage. You can have a peaceful and romantic relationship with your spouse.

This book by Dr (Mrs) Mary Omolola OMOSEBI will show you how to transform your dream of having a beautiful marriage into a reality.
This book addresses topical issues relating to marriage. You will find in it several helpful tips for virtually all aspects of your marriage.
Get a copy of this book and embrace the liberating truths therein and experience the birth or reinvigoration of a loving and joyful marriage!

Click here to read more about Building a Beautiful Marriage


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Sis A, USA

Sis V, Nigeria

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The Beautiful Branch


The book, The Beautiful Branch is a product of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is power packed. It is a must have and read for every woman who wants to live a full purposeful life and be beautiful through and through

. . . Men too should read this book. There are lots of wisdom you can glean from this inspiring piece.

You should get a copy for yourself, your wife, mother, fiancée, daughters, friends, etc. This is a perfect gift for you and them.

Click here to read more about The Beautiful Branch

The Beautiful Branch comes with a WORKBOOK that will help you maximise the nourishment you get from the main text.

The Beautiful Branch is available as Hardcopy ( at just N1500) and you can order your copy now (shipping fee of N1000 included) making a total of N2500. Your order will be posted to you anywhere you are in Nigeria (Delivered within 4-7 days) . If you are within Nigeria pay with your card NOW:



Pay into Guaranty Trust Bank Account
Account number: 0050520421

After paymentsend an email to or call +2348158867545 to supply details of your location, number of copies paid for and postal address (for the Hardcopy).



Outside Nigeria,

Click here to buy now (shipping fee included). Your order will be shipped to you anywhere in the world:


Make a wire transfer of $15 for the Hardcopy (postage fee included).

N.B For the Express Mail option, charges depend on the country you want the book delivered to.

Omosebi Mary Omolola

Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Number:  0107237384

Sort Code:  058199057

After paymentsend an email to or call +2348158867545 to supply details of your location and postal address (for the Hardcopy).

 Click here to buy the eBook on AMAZON

Special Offers

Make bulk purchases of the eBooks and get awesome discounts. Fill the form on the RESOURCES page to get offer.

Buy 6-10 copies at once and get 10% discount

Buy 11-24 copies at once and get 15% discount

Buy 25-49 copies at once and get 20% discount

Buy 50-99 copies at once and get 25% discount

Buy more than 100 copies at once and get 30% discount




Several trusted men and women have read the book and have penned their thoughts about The Beautiful Branch.

You can read editorial reviews about this book Here







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