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Respect Your Husband

The Apostle Peter calls special attention to the title Sarah used in addressing her husband, “my lord” (1 Pt 3:6). She used this title as a way to show Abraham her respect. In a similar way, the apostle Paul writes, “Let the wife see that she respects her husband” (Eph. 5:33). When you respect your […]

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The Mothering Ministry

When I think about the mothering ministry, the duo that comes to mind are Lois and Eunice (2Timothy 1:5). These two were the grandmother and mother of Timothy.  The genuine faith which Apostle Paul could perceive in Timothy had a source. Even if Timothy was opportuned to get his faith strengthened later, it all started […]

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Add Some Feminine Skills To Your Profile

Yes, be open to new things. Learn. Pay for those skills if you have to. Don’t overlook the things you ought to learn when you can. Never let an opportunity to become a better woman pass you by.  I have heard of ladies who do not know how to cook. Some don’t like it either. […]

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Body Packaging

Our bodies are supposed to be correctly and adequately packaged. When you package something, you wrap it. Packaging is to present (someone or something) in an attractive or advantageous way. When you package yourself, you should be attractive in a positive way.  When I look at ladies’ dressing these days, I marvel. Sometimes stunned by […]

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About Abortions

ARE YOU CONFUSED ABOUT YOUR STAND WHEN IT COMES TO ABORTION? The Bible makes it clear that life begins at conception, not merely at birth!  For I was born a sinnerโ€” yes, from the moment my mother conceived me. Ps 51vs5  An unborn child’s worth is invaluable before God. God has a plan for that […]

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