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Have you ever had moments where you felt God was so absent; in fact far from the bearing you were. Those days are horrid times and not too fantastic days I must say. 😔 Some days back, I had a very bad day. I was getting pissed off at any slight opportunity or opposition. I […]

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Looking back at few years past, I remember the days when I thought – if only we had this means, this would have been possible and all. Times when I constantly prayed for a better state of living, so as to get some things done and sorted out as I hoped for. But though some […]

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🙇💞 ** WHEN HE HEARS IT ALL! ** 👂🌼

  Smiles…I promise to make this brief but it’s an experience I don’t want to take likely as one of the usual happenings. Early on a Friday morning, I woke up and was preparing to set out to work. Only for this amazing wind to start blowing and practically threw the environment in disarray as […]

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Smile.. Yes o, you can’t!. Early on a Wednesday morning, I was set out for work and right where I ought to board a cab, I saw a cab waiting; I signaled to him to wait for me to cross the road. After crossing successfully, a finer car (not looking like a cab) parked. The […]

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I promise to make this brief.. Smile.. I want to share a brief story of what happened to me. There was a particular package that was being shared to all customers but not necessarily to the staffs as at then. And as much as I really wanted that package at that time, I was finally […]

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Time and Chance

“Guess what happened to me on my way here today”, George yelled at the top of his voice. He had barged into Femi’s living room without knocking. “What happened? Is that the way to say hello, by the way?” Femi quizzed. “I am sorry guy. Hello. I practically fled here to let you in on […]

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Rebirth 3

“Your earned gift is a job in my company, Regale Insurance Plc.” Fadeke’s eyes widened upon hearing that and repeatedly said “Thank you sir; Thank you so much sir”, joined by her mother; until Mr Smith said to her, “You earned it.” “Immediately I saw you step out to the podium to give your valedictory […]

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Rebirth 2

Wait a minute, what is that your surname again?” Mr Smith asked, facing Fadeke. “Olanrewaju, sir!” Fadeke answered with a broad smile on her face. “That’s like a rhetorical question though,” Mr Smith said as he laughed out loud. “I heard the name while you were being called out earlier to receive your award, in […]

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Rebirth 1

Fadeke is the only child of her parents. Her father died when she was four, burying her mother’s dream of having more children with her husband whom she loved so much and leaving her with the sole responsibility of taking care of all her daughter’s needs. It was really tough for Mrs Olanrewaju to take […]

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