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The Way Of Worship

Do you know just how important it is to make a lifestyle of worshipping God?

Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, let it be known to you that that should not determine whether you worship God or not.

God is unchangeable. Situations of not change Him from who He is. He is God all by Himself.

Do you now see why worship should be a norm with you?

Come as you are… Enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart and His courts with praise!

It’s high time you condition your heart to learn to praise God for who He is and not just what He has done for you.

You can join me right now to lift up worship to the Lord as I lead this session of worship in this video :

7 Premarital Errors To Avoid

If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Laying the wrong foundation for your marriage can only land you in disaster.

I have identified some errors which can destroy your ‘happily ever after’; that you can fall into while looking forward to married life. I have chosen to share with you 7 of these errors in this video.

Watch out for these and run far from them like a plague if you don’t want to find yourself buried under the rubble of a bad marriage…


FORGIVENESS : A special Gift to Yourself

The first time I heard about the word repression was in my dream. I had been suffering from incessant headaches before that time and despite by constant intake of pain killers, the headache wouldn’t just go away.

On a particular day, I woke up from a dream where I saw myself in front of a doctor and his diagnosis was that I was suffering from repression. I kept saying the word “Repression?” over and over until I woke up.

I immediately started ruminating on my dream and all I could tell myself was, “I know about depression so what is repression?”

I had to carry out some research on the word and was then able to discover the root cause of my health issues.

In this video post, I share some of my personal experiences while dealing with not being able to forgive and how it affected me spiritually and physically.

You will also find out why it is very important to always choose to forgive and how you can easily forgive those who have hurt you.


Help! It’s a Dead-end


I was opportune to minister to a group of students over the weekend. One of the students approached me for counseling after the ministration and she told me she had given up on the issue she was about to talk to me about but that she just felt moved to talk to me about it anyway.

Thank God she decided to open up to me and I trust God that there will be a testimony from her end.

That incidence quickly reminded me about this special message I have for you…

You see, sometimes we get to a place where we feel it is the end of the road for us; a place where we just can’t see any ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

At these times, what do you do?

I have a video message for you in which you will find out what to do at those times. (The video was recorded live in the Beautiful Branches Facebook group).

Remember to share this with your friends; you wouldn’t know which of them thinks he/she has reached a dead-end.

Be blessed!

Watch the video NOW 

Quiet Time

Are you having issues maintaining constant daily fellowship with God?

In this video, I share with you what quiet time is, why it’s important, what to do during your quiet time, what you need for an effective quiet time, and what you can do if you usually find it difficult to stand up from your bed to pray/study or your mind often wanders around during your quiet time; making it difficult for you to concentrate.



This is a replay of a live video from my Facebook closed group for women (Beautiful Branches)


SEX IN MARRIAGE : A Message to Women

Many men complain about their wives depriving them of sex. As much as the men have a part to play in the overall health of their sex life, I have chosen to speak to women about the importance of sex in marriage. In this video, I also encourage the women to deal with the issues that might be responsible for their hatred for / lack of interest in marital sex.

This video is focused on single and married women.

This was a live broadcast and here’s the replay.


Remember to share this video with your friends… You might be saving a marriage from crashing.

Spark to Flames

Let’s take the fireplace as a case study:

You know, when you gather sticks to cook on a fireplace, for you to have a smooth cooking experience you have to continually shake off the ash from the sticks and push them further inside so that they can together give you better igniting power.

It is so with marriage too. Your marriage can get better no matter how long you have been married for or what your marriage looks like now.

Watch this video now to find out more:

This video is a replay from the webinar for married women organized by The Beautiful Branch Ministries.

Please remember to share this with your married female friends.

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