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The Lady Princess

Who is a lady?

Whose princess are we talking about here?

Who is a lady princess?

What makes her a woman a lady princess?

What kind of man deserves her?

Find answers to these questions as you watch this video.

This video is a replay from a Webinar for singles held in the Beautiful Branches’ Facebook group with OMOSEBI Mary Omolola, PhD

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Intentional Living


Life is just too short for you to opt for taking life with levity.

It is God’s desire for you to live a full life and be happy living.

The only way this will happen is if you choose to live purposefully everyday of your life.

Watch this video message NOW as I charge you to choose INTENTIONAL LIVING.


You are not here on earth by chance.

Don’t just pass through life; Live life.

Start today!

  • Omolola Mary Omosebi, PhD

Having Strong Convictions

I find it rather funny that all the men who approached me for a marital relationship back in the day were all working with oil companies and earning really large. (What a coincidence right?)

. . . Except my husband (then fiance).

Yes, he wasn’t even working when I agreed to marry him.

There was so much pressure from particularly two of those men but l just wouldn’t change my mind for anything in this world.

There was even a time when we had a huge disagreement in our relationship and one of these men who had disappeared before (I thought I had won the battle of keeping him away) suddenly reappeared with a powerful determination to win me over; more like a mighty surge. It was like a set up; I tell you.

Despite what was going on in my relationship at that time, I didn’t even bother considering “a way out”. I was so resolute that this was where I was meant to be.

Why was it that easy for me to maintain my stand?

I was super sure of what God was the One leading me on that path.

I had grown in my walk with God over the years before I came to the juncture where I needed to make a decision as to who to marry.

God was a part of my daily dealings regularly so choosing a life partner was just another decision to be made and all we had to do was go through the same process.

He speaks… I listen.

Hearing from God is very paramount to being able to live a stress-free life.

You have to come to the place where you only move when God says you should move and stop when He says to do so.

You also can hear God consistently.

It’s not difficult at all.

To learn how, watch these TWO videos (A two-part series) where I teach on how to hear from God and begin to enjoy a life led by the Spirit of God, who knows the end of every situation from the beginning.

This is the only way you will be able to live life purposefully.




Be blessed.


Three Stages of Marriage


•Are you married?
•Married but feeling single?
•Feel like giving up on your marriage? Wait…
•Are you single and planning to get married?

Watch this video to arm yourself with some indispensable knowledge for having a successful marriage as I share with you the three stages of marriage.

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