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Unwrapped eBook

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Many teenagers have no support from their homes, their parents don’t show them much love as they would have wanted, they are not even interested in them but just want them to fit into their pre-planned lives for them.

There seems to be an unseen cold war between parents and teenagers, a war so tough but either party does not want to affirm or talk about the existence of the war, someone had to do something, so the author has volunteered.

Parents need to know what they are to do and forget the cultural and traditional expectations. They must be willing to unwrap their teen, treating each one of them as a unique individual, using the bible as their fulcrum.

This book talks about the miracle of parenting, consciously returning a teen to God, learning how to instruct from the scriptures, when discipline of a teen should commence, discussing the scary topics with a teen, know how to handle sibling-rivalry and trusting God for the return of a prodigal teenager, the return of a prodigal teenager, handling sibling-rivalry, buying parenting, writing a letter to your parent….and more

Teenagers would become adults, they would shape families, the church and the society…

If we all refuse to do something, they would become a threat to us one day. Development doesn’t happen in isolation, if it’s not a systemic development, it ends up becoming a systemic problem….

This piece by Oluwayemisi Lawal would sure bless your life as a teacher whether in school or church, an older sibling, a parent, a guardian or a teens coach. When you have been helped, get this resource for others or encourage them to do so.

I am privileged to have gone through this book during the publishing stages and this book is just amazing. This book is far too loaded for the price it is going for. It is a real blessing. You just must get a copy…


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