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Hill City Publishers

I have spoken with a number of people right after the release of my books who claim that they have written books some dating several years back but have not gotten them past the manuscript stage. Some complain of not getting Publishers who would take on their Christian writings while others just get complacent along the line.

Hill City Publishers will be glad to help you get your book out there.

Hill City Publishers is incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

Are you a Christian author looking for a suitable publisher?

Look no further.

Let’s hold your hand through the publishing stages.

Some services we render include:

*Editing and Proofreading


  • International Standard Book Number

*High quality Printing

  • eBook publishing

  • Publishing on Amazon

*Writing mentoring

*Consultancy, amidst others.

We want to inspire people in our world. We want to show people the light of God’s Words through publishing.

Quality production is our watchword.

And we work to suit your budget as much as possible. We work to meet your feasible timeframes too.

We don’t want that dream of you inspiring people through your book(s) to remain a dream forever.

The grave does not need that treasure in you.

Enough of the procrastination.

When we publish your book,

You retain all the rights to your book, you completely control the book design. You can have paper back and eBook availability and you can distribute your book worldwide.

Here are some books we have published:

These inspiring books are available for purchase. Click Here for more information about the books and to buy.

Let’s have a chat today as we help turn that dream into a reality!

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