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  I was scrolling through Facebook News feed a while ago when I came across the beautiful picture of a beautiful woman, posted by one of my friends from way back. The picture had no caption and I had almost clicked on the LIKE button when I decided to read through the comments section first. […]

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The Reverse Gear

On a certain morning just a short while ago, I went into the kitchen after our devotion to pack up lunch for everyone. Our daughter came in just a while later and said, “Good morning mum. God bless you in Jesus’ name”. I felt I didn’t hear her well so I asked what she had […]

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Four Things To Do When You Feel Discouraged

Discouragement usually knocks on our doors without prior notice. It visits the best of us without invitation. Are you feeling discouraged right now? You are not alone. And there are things to overcome the distressing effects of discouragement. I have highlighted four points in this article that will help you snap out of the valley […]

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Shift Your Focus

On a particular day sometime ago,  I felt overwhelmed by happenings around me. Things had really been tough in the weeks preceding that day. I had been pulling through each day at a time and I was filled with joy in my heart though I really had no reason to be happy. I was doing […]

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Faithful Is Our God

I’m sharing a song of hope on this #Song_day. Yes, God is faithful. This song by Hezekiah Walker is an inspiring piece that talks about the faithfulness of God. Has He promised you something and it seems it’s taking too long to see it fulfilled? One thing is sure: He will surely watch over His […]

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A Word of Encouragement  for Ministers

What do you do when you see your unmarried spiritual daughter looking down in shame before you, because she is pregnant for an unbelieving man? What do you do when you have to visit the welfare unit leader in your church at the police cell because he was involved in a fraudulent deal at his […]

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