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Have you ever embarked on a particular task and felt tired of pursuing it after a while? Maybe you were propelled to do it because you saw some purple doing the same and you admired them; it looked good on them. Or you just were moved by emotions into that venture. In such cases, you […]

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I started out with a Nokia 3310 back in the day. I have however used several brands (Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, IPhone, etc) of phones after my first phone. With each new phone being better than the previous one in terms of functions and general appeal. Just imagine me still using the Nokia 3310 I […]

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Quiet Time

Are you having issues maintaining constant daily fellowship with God? In this video, I share with you what quiet time is, why it’s important, what to do during your quiet time, what you need for an effective quiet time, and what you can do if you usually find it difficult to stand up from your […]

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Having Strong Convictions

I find it rather funny that all the men who approached me for a marital relationship back in the day were all working with oil companies and earning really large. (What a coincidence right?) . . . Except my husband (then fiance). Yes, he wasn’t even working when I agreed to marry him. There was […]

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Location Locked

Yesterday morning, I was thinking about how I don’t get strong network connections when I move to certain parts of my house but the opposite occurs when I move to other areas of the house. . . .Same house; different experiences in different rooms. As I ruminated on this, a message was dropped in my […]

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When The Hands Of Man Are Tied

Daniel was an adorable young man. Daniel had proven himself to be diligent and disciplined. He was a leader par excellence. He was also skilled, wise and highly knowledgeable. Besides, he was good looking. His boss, the king loved him. Who wouldn’t love a man like that? Well, sadly some people hated him despite all […]

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Proclaim a Solemn Assembly

An invasion devastated ancient Judah, leaving the people plundered and vulnerable. The Prophet Joel likened the invasion to that of an army, a ruinous force of swarming locusts. We too, have been invaded by a cloud of locusts. Eating deep into our lives and homes. We have people suffering from hunger and inadequate care because […]

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