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In Due Season

The angel of the Lord appeared to Zechariah and told him as recorded in Luke 1:13, that his prayer had been heard. This got me thinking. . . I asked myself, “Which prayer exactly and when did he pray that prayer”. I am led to assume that this priest, Zechariah was not praying for a […]

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Do You Have Trust Issues?

I was feeding our son on a certain evening recently and I observed something I had not noticed before but guess must have been happening before that day. Once I take a spoonful of food, I would blow air on it with my mouth because the food was a bit hot and then attempt to […]

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When You Meet Roadblocks In Your Way

Few days to the deadline I had set to get three new books ready towards the end of year 2016, the unexpected happened to me. That was the first time I would have that kind of experience that left me practically in shock. . . I had worked late into the early hours of the […]

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My Redeemer Lives

I’m excited to share this song by Nicole C. Mullen on this #Song_day. Whenever I listen to this song, I am awed by the greatness of God. And I am reassured that because my God is alive, I have nothing to fear and I can face tomorrow. Have your faith in God strengthened by this […]

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Take That Step of Faith

My husband (then fiancé) and I were to have a counselling session with the Pastor of my church one Saturday afternoon, about ten weeks before our wedding. He arrived early so we decided to wait in an eatery pending the time of our appointment. At a point during our discussion while we waited, we started […]

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