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Disguised Blessing

I was traveling interstate one day and when I got to the park, I asked a woman if the seat beside her was already occupied by someone or not; I felt that the seat would be a comfortable one for me considering the location. The woman answered me in the affirmative, so I decided to […]

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He’s Working. . .

I was watching a certain episode of RESCUE BOTS with the children few days ago and there was a certain scene where the lava from a volcano was flowing towards the control room. At that moment, the youngest member of the team was right inside that room and never knew there was imminent danger. They […]

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When The Hands Of Man Are Tied

Daniel was an adorable young man. Daniel had proven himself to be diligent and disciplined. He was a leader par excellence. He was also skilled, wise and highly knowledgeable. Besides, he was good looking. His boss, the king loved him. Who wouldn’t love a man like that? Well, sadly some people hated him despite all […]

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Faithful Is Our God

I’m sharing a song of hope on this #Song_day. Yes, God is faithful. This song by Hezekiah Walker is an inspiring piece that talks about the faithfulness of God. Has He promised you something and it seems it’s taking too long to see it fulfilled? One thing is sure: He will surely watch over His […]

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