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Thank God It’s Friday

“THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY” That is the usual chant of many people on Fridays; and probably that includes you. But why are you thanking God specially that it’s Friday? Many people make that statement because they feel relief that the working days of the week have come to an end and they are free from […]

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More Than A Dreamer

  I have heard it said on many occasions that the wealthiest place on earth must be the graveyard. I am opined that that postulation must be correct. I agree that the cemetery must be full of so many dreams, visions and aspirations that never saw the light of day and got buried with the […]

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5 Keys To Living A Fulfilled Life

During our Whatsapp Bible study session sometime ago, a member made reference to certain Scriptural verses that has gotten stuck in my spirit since that time. The Word of God is indeed Bread that never goes stale. There is always something new to discover from these ageless writings. These Words are life. I sure have […]

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Faithful Is Our God

I’m sharing a song of hope on this #Song_day. Yes, God is faithful. This song by Hezekiah Walker is an inspiring piece that talks about the faithfulness of God. Has He promised you something and it seems it’s taking too long to see it fulfilled? One thing is sure: He will surely watch over His […]

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