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Hey, money gives you options! Don’t let anyone fool you. Poverty doesn’t make you a saint or a hero of heaven. It makes you miserable, self-centered, a sufferer and self-preoccupied. The more you operate in abundant living, the more you become more likely to be free, more useful, other-minded and a grateful vessel for His […]

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God Or Gold?

One day, I walked into our family doctor’s office shortly after the release of my first book, THE BEAUTIFUL BRANCH and I am reminded of an incidence that occurred that day. He had requested some copies which he intended giving out as gifts to some of his church members and I had gone to deliver […]

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Have you ever embarked on a particular task and felt tired of pursuing it after a while? Maybe you were propelled to do it because you saw some purple doing the same and you admired them; it looked good on them. Or you just were moved by emotions into that venture. In such cases, you […]

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The Way Of Worship

Do you know just how important it is to make a lifestyle of worshipping God? Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, let it be known to you that that should not determine whether you worship God or not. God is unchangeable. Situations of not change Him from who He is. He is God […]

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My Temperament and I

“This is who I am and there is nothing that can be done about it” is not an ideal statement that comes from someone who wants to become a better person. There is always room for improvement. … For the sake of yourself and your relationships WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW TO LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE […]

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I started out with a Nokia 3310 back in the day. I have however used several brands (Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, IPhone, etc) of phones after my first phone. With each new phone being better than the previous one in terms of functions and general appeal. Just imagine me still using the Nokia 3310 I […]

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