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Before You Ask…

Something happened to me last week which made me think deeply about the acts of God. As a matter of fact, that incidence brought to mind similar incidences that had happened to me on a recurring basis. I got a message from someone I only met on Facebook saying she edits videos and would like […]

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When You Meet Roadblocks In Your Way

Few days to the deadline I had set to get three new books ready towards the end of year 2016, the unexpected happened to me. That was the first time I would have that kind of experience that left me practically in shock. . . I had worked late into the early hours of the […]

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Take That Step of Faith

My husband (then fiancรฉ) and I were to have a counselling session with the Pastor of my church one Saturday afternoon, about ten weeks before our wedding. He arrived early so we decided to wait in an eatery pending the time of our appointment. At a point during our discussion while we waited, we started […]

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