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Enjoy It While It Lasts

  There is this perception that I have developed over time with relation to my relationships and it helps me set my attitude towards my partner right. I have decided to enjoy my relationships for as long as they last. Yeah. You might think that that is a weird attitude but it just makes me […]

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When The Hands Of Man Are Tied

Daniel was an adorable young man. Daniel had proven himself to be diligent and disciplined. He was a leader par excellence. He was also skilled, wise and highly knowledgeable. Besides, he was good looking. His boss, the king loved him. Who wouldn’t love a man like that? Well, sadly some people hated him despite all […]

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When The Travail Ends

After my quiet time this morning, the first thing my mind went to was my experience during childbirth. Having our children was WAR for me at delivery. I mean the labour sessions lasted several hours of excruciating pain. The second time being more demanding than the first. I can’t even begin to tell how exhausting […]

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