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In Time of Great Need

  Reading a particular verse of Scripture was such a soothing balm to my soul at a point when I was grossly overwhelmed by difficulty and I thought I should encourage you today with the same encouragement I have received. First, here is the Scriptural verse: O Lord, now I have heard your report, and […]

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The Reverse Gear

On a certain morning just a short while ago, I went into the kitchen after our devotion to pack up lunch for everyone. Our daughter came in just a while later and said, “Good morning mum. God bless you in Jesus’ name”. I felt I didn’t hear her well so I asked what she had […]

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Quiet Time

Are you having issues maintaining constant daily fellowship with God? In this video, I share with you what quiet time is, why it’s important, what to do during your quiet time, what you need for an effective quiet time, and what you can do if you usually find it difficult to stand up from your […]

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In Due Season

The angel of the Lord appeared to Zechariah and told him as recorded in Luke 1:13, that his prayer had been heard. This got me thinking. . . I asked myself, “Which prayer exactly and when did he pray that prayer”. I am led to assume that this priest, Zechariah was not praying for a […]

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When The Hands Of Man Are Tied

Daniel was an adorable young man. Daniel had proven himself to be diligent and disciplined. He was a leader par excellence. He was also skilled, wise and highly knowledgeable. Besides, he was good looking. His boss, the king loved him. Who wouldn’t love a man like that? Well, sadly some people hated him despite all […]

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Proclaim a Solemn Assembly

An invasion devastated ancient Judah, leaving the people plundered and vulnerable. The Prophet Joel likened the invasion to that of an army, a ruinous force of swarming locusts. We too, have been invaded by a cloud of locusts. Eating deep into our lives and homes. We have people suffering from hunger and inadequate care because […]

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Pray As You Go!

    Don’t miss out on any chance to talk to God and to hear Him talk back to you. Prayer is as simple as that. No one should give excuses of not having enough time to pray. You don’t always have to shout your prayers out. Nothing stops you from praying Pray without ceasing […]

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