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Podcast Ep 3 (Prosperity at the Next Level)

    I reckon that everyone wants better out of his/her life at every given time. You want something more today than your life offered yesterday. You want to move to the next level. Every sane person looks forward to getting to the heights that he/she has envisioned in his/her mind. Sadly, many people remain […]

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My Letter to The Marriage Counselor

Dear Church Marriage Counselor, I would have had you at least partly to blame because of your shabby counseling sessions about a decade ago if my marriage was problematic today. (Thank God we sought and are seeking knowledge via other means before and after the wedding which seemed to have been your focus back then). […]

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“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”. Do you know that statement? In case you didn’t know, it is true. Yeah, that statement right up there is very true. When people look into their future, they have one of two reactions. The first reaction you can have about your future is that of […]

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