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SEX IN MARRIAGE : A Message to Women

Many men complain about their wives depriving them of sex. As much as the men have a part to play in the overall health of their sex life, I have chosen to speak to women about the importance of sex in marriage. In this video, I also encourage the women to deal with the issues […]

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I feel strongly to lead a social media campaign for sexual purity themed NO SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE. It is for both singles and married. I will like to specially invite you to join me on this campaign that will kick off on the 3rd of April 2017. Join your voice with mine as we tell […]

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Be Responsible

“Wow. Congratulations! You are now a responsible man.” How many times exactly have I heard that statement being made to a newly married person especially the men? I have definitely lost count. Excuse me. . . What does it even mean to be responsible? Does it then mean that a single person cannot or should […]

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A Deadly Choice of a Spouse

When I was still single, one of my suitors was this guy who got himself disqualified because of just one action. I had even decided to pray to God about his proposal when he committed the blunder that blew his chances of me considering starting a relationship with him. I can say that we were […]

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And He Proposed Marriage. . .

  My husband proposed to me on a day like this. . .  Well over a decade ago. Who’s up for some gist? ♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧ I had just gotten admission into the university and I met the man that was going to become my husband about one week after I resumed. It was on a Sunday […]

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Marry God’s Friend

  I have read and heard many people who advice that one thing that makes marriage work is to marry your friend. But this theory has failed many. They marry this so-called friend and he begins to act like a stranger. They begin to wonder where the person they thought they knew and got married […]

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