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And She Got Depressed

  Mary was working in a Federal University somewhere in the North Central part of Nigeria. She was earning regularly and able to support her family. The family was happy. She was happy. Everything was going on fine save for one thing; the family lived in the South Western part of the country. Despite this […]

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Rebirth 3

“Your earned gift is a job in my company, Regale Insurance Plc.” Fadeke’s eyes widened upon hearing that and repeatedly said “Thank you sir; Thank you so much sir”, joined by her mother; until Mr Smith said to her, “You earned it.” “Immediately I saw you step out to the podium to give your valedictory […]

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Rebirth 2

Wait a minute, what is that your surname again?” Mr Smith asked, facing Fadeke. “Olanrewaju, sir!” Fadeke answered with a broad smile on her face. “That’s like a rhetorical question though,” Mr Smith said as he laughed out loud. “I heard the name while you were being called out earlier to receive your award, in […]

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