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The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth

The study of the book of Ruth will be sectioned into four parts in a question and answer format. Be blessed.

What is the trouble in your home?

The story of the Book of Ruth begins in the country of Moab near the Dead Sea. It takes place during the period of Judges at a time of great failure and struggle for the people of Israel. A horrible drought forced a woman named Naomi and her husband to leave Moab for Jerusalem. When they arrive Naomi’s husband dies. Her two sons both marry. One of her daughters-in-law is a young woman named Ruth. Soon after they marry, both of Naomi’s sons die.

Are you getting the picture? Naomi is left alone but Ruth stays with her and they travel together to Jerusalem. Ruth eventually remarries to a wealthy landowner named Boaz. They have children and their family provides ultimately to the lineage of Christ!

First, as we compare our stories of distress in our own homes, we can learn from Ruth the importance of being bold and courageous. After her husband died and she didn’t know what to do she found courage in the Lord to boldly pursue what she felt was right in the sight of the Lord!

Have you felt a day in your home with no hope?

As Naomi and Ruth arrived in Bethlehem from Moab, they had little to smile about. They were both widowed, poor, and with little hope. They clinched to the law of the land that allowed people such as they were to rummage through the left overs at the edge of the fields after a harvest. It’s important to read Chapter 2 of Ruth in one sitting because it represents one day’s work for both Naomi and Ruth. They woke up early facing a long hard day collecting scraps from the field only to return at sunset with an abundance of food and new hope from a new friend.

We have each faced days like those haven’t we? Waking up with little hope then reflecting back later that night of God’s provision and favor. Sometimes great favor. Sometimes small. But always present. Remember that the Lord’s favor is planned; it comes through others; and provides for the future.

Have you ever felt a plan changed by God in your home?

The third chapter of the Book of Ruth starts with Naomi having a plan and pursuing bold moves to see it happen. The plan was to find a husband and home for Ruth.

Boaz was an obvious choice because he had already noticed Ruth and showed her favor in the fields. Naomi discussed the plan with Ruth in great detail and Ruth followed it with great precision. Boaz is identified as a “kinsman redeemer.” This was a close relative of a family who was trapped in difficult circumstances. By marrying Ruth, Boaz could provide an heir to inherit the land of Naomi’s deceased husband.

Naomi is showing us how faith works along side of logic and circumstances. When our circumstances line up against God’s word then we can be bold in stepping out in faith.

Who is the kinsman redeemer in your home?

Boaz appreciates the logic and faith of Naomi’s plan but insists that she meet first with another man that he considers a better choice. Chapter 4 begins with Naomi meeting with this man but he quickly rejects the opportunity. That man was hesitant and unwilling. Boaz was willing and stepped forward unselfishly in faith.

Ruth makes it clear that patience is a virtue worth cultivating. When her mother-in-law tells her to wait for Boaz to act, Ruth wisely waits.


*Reflect on a recent plan in your home that didn’t happen and you felt confused by God’s timing.

*Reflect over that someone in your life that reflects Christ in your life. That someone that Christ works in and through to give you his eternal hope. Thank God for that person.

*Reflect on perhaps one thing that concerns you most about your home right now. Take it to The Lord in prayers. Lay it all at His feet. Ask Him for guidance concerning that issue. Trust Him to handle your case.

It is well

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