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¤ Offal Pepper Soup ¤

Here’s one of my favourite appetisers. . .
– Beef Offals (shaki, liver, kidney, roundabout, heart, etc) (350g)
– Ground peppersoup ingredient (I prefer to pick out the ingredients by myself and then grind e.g 6-8 calabash nutmegs(roasted and decoated) +8pieces negro pepper+1tbs aligator pepper+ small sized dry ginger root)
– Scotch bonnet (1-2)
– Onion
– Scent leave
– Salt
– Seasoning
MARY’s Method
* Wash the offals thoroughly (For the roundabout, make sure you turn inside out to allow for proper washing).
* Cook the shaki in the pot for about 10 mins first (since it is usually tougher than other parts). Add the other parts and add water just enough to cover the assorted meat. Add the onion and scotch bonnet (finely chopped or ground in blender), 2tbs pepper soup ingredient, seasoning and salt to taste. Allow to boil for about 7minutes.
* Serve hot.
»MARY’s Kitchen«
Pepper soup ingredient photo source: internet.




Omosebi Mary Omolola (PhD)

Omosebi Mary Omolola (Ph.D) is a lover of God, a disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ and a teacher by calling. She is on assignment to groom godly youths and women through the help of the Holy Spirit in this end-time. She treasures family. She has a strong desire to see marriages thrive in this troubled world. She speaks and writes passionately about marriage, relationships, and Christian living. She enjoys a beautiful marriage with her husband and best friend. She is a mother, writer, an entrepreneur and researcher and teacher of Food Science and Technology.

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