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Shift Your Focus

Shift focus

On a particular day sometime ago,  I felt overwhelmed by happenings around me. Things had really been tough in the weeks preceding that day. I had been pulling through each day at a time and I was filled with joy in my heart though I really had no reason to be happy. I was doing well in my spirit.

But on this day I am talking about, I got some more unpleasant news in the very early hours of that day that was set to spoil my day.

It was as if I had not gotten enough problems on my plate.

It was as if a pin had just pricked my balloon of optimism.

I picked up my Bible to read but I was on one chapter for almost an hour. I kept having to pull the reverse gear on my Bible reading because the words were not just sinking into me.

I was obviously disturbed and discouraged. It felt like the whole world was crumbling down on me. I kept saying to myself, “Omolola, encourage yourself in The Lord” but it just wasn’t working.

Then as I muttered a few words of prayer that I could gather strength for, someone’s name crossed my mind. I was led to call that person. I obeyed and it was a call to encourage this person.

By the time I finished speaking with that person and hung up, the heavy weight on my spirit was lifted.

It was a miracle. It was so sudden that I still can’t explain what happened that day.

Shift your focus from your problems and fix your gaze on God. Let God minister to your heart. You will be surprised at what steps He would ask you to take.

The solution to the heaviness you feel right now may simply be that you tend to the heart of yet another who needs encouragement.

Seek to serve others instead of being self centered.

This is not self denial.

This is trusting God to sort your case out as you get busy doing that which He has already empowered you to do.

Don’t refrain from being a source of joy to someone else because you are not happy either.

Trigger that smile on that person’s face.

Give that word of hope.

Lend out that ‘short’ helping hand.

Make it happen for others.

God will make it happen for you too.


~ OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)
© 2016

Omosebi Mary Omolola (PhD)

Omosebi Mary Omolola (Ph.D) is a lover of God, a disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ and a teacher by calling. She is on assignment to groom godly youths and women through the help of the Holy Spirit in this end-time. She treasures family. She has a strong desire to see marriages thrive in this troubled world. She speaks and writes passionately about marriage, relationships, and Christian living. She enjoys a beautiful marriage with her husband and best friend. She is a mother, writer, an entrepreneur and researcher and teacher of Food Science and Technology.

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