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Guard The Gateways To Your Heart

We are currently doing a study of the Book of Genesis in our whatsapp Bible study group and while I engaged in a personal study of the third chapter my attention was particularly drawn to where the woman realized how “good” the tree of knowledge of evil and good was.

Some of the questions that I tried processing in my heart were:

Why didn’t she see that the tree was good for food before the devil came with his queries?

Why didn’t she perceive that it was pleasant to the eyes?

Why didn’t she think that the tree was able to make her wise before she had that conversation with the devil?

You see, it’s a very bad idea to be conversing with the devil.


He is very cunning and crafty.

He is in no way foolish at all like some people mistakenly claim.

You can not beat him at his game by your own power.

He is very good at trying to make you see reasons you should go contrary to God’s instructions.

He tried the same with Jesus and in that encounter we see the solution to getting the devil to take his place where he really should be- behind us.

You should not try to explain anything to the devil.

You actually owe him no explanation.

The only thing you should do once he comes with his tricks is to IMMEDIATELY SHUT HIM UP WITH THE WORD OF GOD.

Don’t even give him the pleasure of gaining access to your heart at all. What he really wants is to sow the seed of disobedience in your heart. And since the heart is a very fertile ground you will find that it magnifies whatever is sown in it.

In other words, guard the gateways to your heart jealously.

. . . These gateways are your eyes and ears.

Be reminded that The Bible tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence.

That means that extra effort must be put into protecting your heart. And the way to do that is to censor everything that tries to find its way into our hearts.

Be careful who/what you listen to.

Don’t feed your eyes with junks either.

Instead let the Word of God and edifying stuffs be the only things that you allow to gain entrance into your life through these gateways. Let The Word saturate your being.

OMOSEBI Mary Omolola (PhD)

Photo credit: akashrollingshutter

Omosebi Mary Omolola (PhD)

Omosebi Mary Omolola (Ph.D) is a lover of God, a disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ and a teacher by calling. She is on assignment to groom godly youths and women through the help of the Holy Spirit in this end-time. She treasures family. She has a strong desire to see marriages thrive in this troubled world. She speaks and writes passionately about marriage, relationships, and Christian living. She enjoys a beautiful marriage with her husband and best friend. She is a mother, writer, an entrepreneur and researcher and teacher of Food Science and Technology.

2 thoughts to “Guard The Gateways To Your Heart”

  1. You are very right ma. In these days, just like in the garden of Eden, we allow the devil through the media to corrupt our hearts and make sinful things desirable by calling them trends. The church is even borrowing some of these ‘trends’. May God grant us grace and discernment to not feed our hearts with these things

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