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Smiles… You are wondering what I am cooking up again I guess.. ☺ “Very expensive yet Fake” came to my thought and I couldn’t help but ponder more on it. Very Expensive yet fake, is simply giving someone that which seem priceless or let me say out of the norms but yet it’s all fake. I have realised and with the current exposure we the youths have or as individuals, we are seldom met with being given the expensive or that which seemed so and then we just conclude – Oh, this person is for real or his or her acts is for real. But the truth is, not all are real even when they give the expensive seeming to you as it being rare.

Many people have lost the valuable or the priceless because of this deceit. Not all that seem priceless or one in a million actually is for real. Sighting the example of a beautiful maiden who met a great guy (or so it seemed to her). He was all amazing as he did a lot that left her in great delight and really feeling so treasured. Days turned into weeks and into months and this went on for a while till the most amazing man turned not as he seemed. He began asking for her priceless. He pressured her into yielding and then she gave in cos she was all afraid to loose the most amazing man (at least it seemed so to her).

She was ready to trade the obvious (the gifts and all he showered on her) for the priceless (her chastity). Little did she know that the most amazing man had been all out for her body. Which had been the reason for him being all nice and a perfect gentleman. He had it all planned out from the start which the young and naive her knew not of. And because of this, he left her much more broken than she could have imagined, as her perfect gentleman has suddenly turned out to be a man she knew not. This ache lingered on till she found God and yeah, He healed her hurts and made her whole again. Restored her from being the gloomy to a radiant one.

Smile.. That’s the story that came to my mind when I got typing and pondering on these words. I know not why it is coming but maybe that’s the story of someone reading this at the moment. Don’t call it a quit yet just because your perfect wasn’t perfect as it seemed or as him or her seemed. The great part is for you to see through the deceit and treasure God as your insight henceforth. All that glitters ain’t Gold just as the greener pasture might just be some plunging pool of swamp that you just don’t know. If only you had looked deeper or allowed God help you in your choices.

So dearie. It’s not late to take a pause and allow God redefine the myth and let His will be done which we know for sure that it is always the BEST!.
God bless you.

Prayer points:
– Help me to see the treasure beneath that treasure.
– Help me to see beyond and to see You in it all.
– Help me to let go and allow You.

Do have a wowing week folks.. 💃


Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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