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Seeking to please God is not about one, not yielding or paying attention to one’s emotions. It’s in its stead about you having your emotions and feelings present but yet the love you have for God; the absolute trust you have in Him makes you stay within the confines of His will for you.

Let’s get a clearer picture of this- seeking to please God isn’t you being null or void of your emotions and feelings. Which definitely can’t be, as these are part of our being, as God made it to be a part of us when He formed us in His image. In it’s stead, it is putting God first, because you love Him, knowing that His love is your only drive and seeking to please Him is the only gift you can give back to Him for all His sacrifices for you.

I have learnt to and I endeavor to be conscious of my feelings at every time but yet in the midst of it; while being sincere with how I feel per time to Him, I still ask for the strength and courage to act right. Something happened recently to me, and I was left wondering how I was still cool saying sorry as the party involved practically blew things out of proportion and just sort of left me in awe of – if it was still the same person I was communicating to or not. My feeling at that time was to react the way I felt and obviously because I was totally uncool with the whole situation, my response was definitely tended towards being irrational as well. But the being in me, spurred me to see beyond why the person acted that way and I chose to see it in the angle He needed me to see. I was amazed myself at how different my reaction to the situation was, even when I could have been justified if I acted otherwise or on how I felt initially.

Smiles, back to you. How best do you deal with situations, do you seek to please God through your actions regardless of how you feel or you budge to your feelings and emotions at such times?. I am not saying you should nullify the existence of your emotions or feelings at such times (or at every time). Instead I’m stating, despite these aforementioned being present, do you still seek to please God in it?. Do you see every action and decision of yours as a means to please Him?. Let the Love for Him spur you to act right because I can tell you, nothing around you will give you enough reasons to act right. Unless you see God as a muse to act right.

Seek to please God but don’t turn a blind eye to your feelings and emotions. And in times when it seems hurting and annoying the most, still desire to please God saying- Your will Lord, let it be done!; my ears art thou Lord, let me listen attentively and yield to you. Not my will Lord but Yours be done!.

A quick read on this: πŸ‘‡β˜Ί (I’m in love with this verses)

** Jesus said to Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, β€œMy heart is so heavy with grief, I feel as if I am dying. Wait here and stay awake with me.”  Then Jesus went on a little farther away from them. He fell to the ground and prayed, β€œMy Father, if it is possible, don’t make me drink from this cup. But do what you want, not what I want.”
Matthew 26:38‭-‬39 ERV

Christ had emotions too but still sought after the will of the Father; not excluding the openness or sincerity of His emotions and feelings at that time.
So dear, let your emotions and feelings spur you to act right because you love God enough to keep His temple (which is you) blameless and spotless. And above all because you are a showcase of His Greatness and Being.!

Do have a promising and fulfilling week.. βœ‹β™₯


Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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