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On a rainy Saturday, I and a friend of mine planned a movie hangout and the movie we watched inspired this write-up. Don’t mind me, I try to learn from even the least thing you can think of.. Lol. So let me brief you on the movie…

There was this family of four (4), of which the husband was a military officer few years back, but retired into Information Technology because of a terrible incidence that happened to him and his colleagues a particular year. Few years down the lane, he got an offer with a major I. T company to help with their security system fix and one thing led to another. Things got bad, as there was a loop from two major staff of the company. Things got pretty bad, as his family got trapped in the building under hijack. But the great part was that he really went out of his way to get them all out to safety. And the part that thrilled me most was, even though he was kind of incapacitated (as he had an artificial limb), he did all he could to ensure his family and even the man their counterparty was after were safe just because he didn’t quit. He obviously faced lots of hurdles that should have shut him out and made him quit looking at the circumstance around what was happening but he didn’t!. And with this ecstasy (as I was almost tearing.. Don’t mind me.. 😁🙈), I remembered my own encounter as well.

A major throwback to two years and few days to the new year. I, my big sis and my niece went for an outing and the devil being who he is tried making it a bad day for us. We went to a children’s park and while it was  time for the boat ride for my niece. I volunteered to go on the ride with her in case she gets scared and to guide her. But on stepping into the boat, we made it straight down into the pool. This happened in a twinkle, and to make it worse, I didn’t know how to swim. But I knew deep within me that God wasn’t gonna let us drown in there. I don’t know where the courage came from but I kept on trying to gain a balance as the floor of the pool was very slippery as well but I kept on trying to grab on something as my eyes remained closed. And with the other hand, I clung to my niece. I kept on praying in my heart and gracefully, I got a hold on someone’s feet, as at that time, people came around and tried reaching out to grab my hand and get us out. To cut the long story short, we got out. But the courage I had while in the pool (even till tomorrow), I won’t be able to explain. As I have never been a fan of water or beach and all sort. Smile, it is an experience I will tearfully say thank you to God for.

Smiles.. I shared these stories, to bring to light and get a grasp on the stated topic.

So to you reading this write-up, that has an ailment or a situation or a phase that seems unpalatable and seems unending, don’t stop fighting. Don’t quit on the courage in you – God. Refuse to see the thousands and zillion reasons to quit, instead see God in the picture. I have had battles that I felt I couldn’t win that God did win for me. My family and friends have had stuffs that were on their plates for a long time that God cleared out. Just because God seem all quiet doesn’t make Him absent in it. Just because you ain’t seeing evidences yet, doesn’t mean He isn’t working it out for you. Just because He has shown you a picture of His plan for your life which is beautiful and the now is just not close to being one, doesn’t make Him no longer a covenant keeper.

One thing assuredly that I know I have experienced, and though at the face of tough situations could be difficult to remember it, but is best to, to keep the faith alive is – God’s love is unending and He won’t ever quit on you.

Don’t stop fighting that fear and see the light at the end of this trying phase. Don’t quit fighting and moving on though the hurdles are like a pile of it, laid out one after another and you are just not able to get a break off it.

You are a victor and already more than a conqueror deary. 🤗

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
Romans 8:37 ESV.

Do munch on this. 👆🙇
Do have a fulfilling week ahead folks. 😍


Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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