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I got pondering on our lives as humans. We have so many things in and around us that is limited. And the truth is most times we get stuck in. At least in times when we forget to take note or cognizance of who is greater than us in this world – God.

So yeah we are limited (as mere men), but then we are unlimited (as God’s own seeds; joint heirs with Christ). For every child of God, yes we have Christ in us and we have become a new creation but the reality remains that Mr flesh is still somewhere lurking around. You know, still looking out to be fed. And so when circumstances comes and we get stuck, Mr flesh is happy: for those who forget to see God in them or do not even acknowledge Him at all in such times. But he (Mr flesh) is disappointed when we choose to see beyond our limited selves. We are in no way limited any longer as sons and daughters of the most high. Our inheritance & lineage, since we became joined with Christ, is now forevermore; everlasting; unlimited and a life full of His blessings.

And in a twinkle, a change is birthed in us but though we know this truth and we get reminded of it, we still forget it most times. Just while i was reminiscing on so many times i felt i would practically break or lose my mind when some things happen and now casting my mind to those experiences, and placing it sideways to the now, obviously i didn’t break (if not i won’t be writing this)..Lol. I know that our lives as God’s children is indeed blessed. Yes dear, we are blessed of God. Can i hear an Amen?. 🙌🙂

So my admonition as led to pen this down, is for us to always look inward, tap into the unlimited source in you – God (who is the only unlimited and unending source) and gracefully as a child of God, look at the thirsty Mr flesh, and just move on. Because he is not to be fed. 👀🚶

Yes, the times might be telling you “you can’t make it”. But God is the mastermind of times and seasons (Ecclesiastes 3:11 – AMP), so then only what He says precedes all things even when we ourselves are in doubt of our being; as Christ and the Holy spirit are constantly making intercessions for you and I. Ain’t we just so blessed!.

We are. Oh yes, we are!. May God help us see ourselves in the light of His unlimited self, as we are made in His image and likeness.

Finally, do read these verses:

(1) For it is [not your strength, but it is] God who is effectively at work in you, both to will and to work [that is, strengthening, energizing, and creating in you the longing and the ability to fulfill your purpose] for His good pleasure.

(2) In the same way the Spirit [comes to us and] helps us in our weakness. We do not know what prayer to offer or how to offer it as we should, but the Spirit Himself [knows our need and at the right time] intercedes on our behalf with sighs and groanings too deep for words. Who is the one who condemns us? Christ Jesus is the One who died [to pay our penalty], and more than that, who was raised [from the dead], and who is at the right hand of God interceding [with the Father] for us.
ROMANS 8:26‭, ‬34 (AMP)

Keep basking in His love folks. It’s an aura of Grace and a lifetime of unlimited fortitude and His indwelling that He has called us into. His own lineage of Grace we are!. Hallelujah! 💃💃

Do have a graceful week. And live in this consciousness. 💮🌼


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Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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