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On a Monday morning, after getting done some of the activities I had in mind for the day. I decided to watch a movie i saved offline on my YouTube app. And it was one filled with great lessons that made me cry, not sob o. Lol. I cried at a point. πŸ™ˆ

Okay, so the movie was about a family of 4 who had 2 sons and the eldest (aged 15) was part of a basketball team, he had won several medals. So it happened on this day, that while he was playing with his team; with his dad and younger brother there to support him, that he had an heart attack. But, thankfully the paramedics came right in time and were able to stabilize him and afterward, rushed him to the hospital. Where he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart because of the thickening of his heart muscles that had been in occurrence but was unnoticed. So it was at its critical stage already. The doctor bluntly told them he had about 7-10 days to get a heart transplant to keep him alive.

That was the beginning of another struggle for this family. As they had financial struggles and were basically just trying to make ends meet, now coupled with their son’s illness, it was hard to stay strong any longer. The wife happened to be a Christian but the husband wasn’t. Let’s just say he was just nowhere. As he prayed only when very needful or rarely.

So they both decided to stay with their son at the hospital, which implied them not going to work at all and still keeping the hope alive for a donor. While the younger brother had to stay with their family friend during this period.

To cut the long story short, the boy had another serious heart attack that almost claimed his life. And the doctor told them that the boy had only 24 hours as they were still expecting a donor to contact the hospital even though his name was already on the top list for a donor. The report really broke their heart, most especially that of the mother as she looked in the eyes of her husband and said -“She tried all she could, by having faith and praying, but maybe he (the husband) is right after all”.Β  Her remark, drowned his heart and God knows what led him to the chapel at the hospital as he knelt down to pray his rather short prayer of forgiveness and mercy with teary eyes. And yeah he got saved. A graceful example of 1 Peter 3:1.πŸ’ƒ

At that same time, it happened to be that in another state in the U.S (Detroit) a young man in his early twenties got hit by a car while running from those he owed etc. And back and forth, he couldn’t make it and with persuasion from a female doctor at the hospital, the mother later on conceded to them donating his heart as she believed he would have wanted same. But God didn’t let her go uncomforted. As her now dead son had a fiance who was pregnant and got into labour that same night as well. So she was with her at the hospital to deliver the baby. The baby was named Grace by the lady after her delivery. What a perfect name!.

Yeah, and at the last minute, God showed up and answered their prayers but the heart had to be taken interstate. And the devil struck again, as the plane that was transporting it to the hospital couldn’t land because there was a terrible snow storm. The pilot was hence instructed by their control tower to land in another state which was farther of and would be too late to get it to the hospital in time if they agreed to that. But God prepared just the right man to be the Pilot as he insisted that he was going to land the chopper anyway. So what happened?. 😨

While the pilot and his co-pilot were looking out for a possible landing area, they saw the lighted lanterns which was lined out in two (2) straight lines, creating a pathway through the lanterns from afar. The intriguing part is that, the lanterns were lighted up by the sick boy’s younger brother and their family friends as a sign to keep the faith alive (despite the news about the plane and all) that Matt (the sick lad) would come back home and since he loved Christmas and it was Christmas Eve; it was just the perfect gift for him. Who would have thought this would work the miracle right?. πŸ’ž

So the pilot used the pathway created between the lighted lanterns as a runway to land the plane. How mysterious God works right!. He made a way after all. πŸ˜ͺ

Even the doctor couldn’t hold it in, as he said – “It’s a miracle”. The heart transplant was done and it was a success.
Thank God for the folks who prayed along with them and supported too. πŸ’ž

I can’t tell you how excited i am watching this movie, it was intriguing and just a perfect description that….


Do read this verse:
“… for God is love. [He is the originator of love, and it is an enduring attribute of His nature.]”
1 JOHN 4:8b (AMP)

God is love and His love never fails!. Because He is Love and He is forevermore. So also His love is forevermore unto us. This was a timely reminder for me and i believe would be to you as well, reminding us to hang right in!. Don’t throw in the towel on God just because it seems as though He is running late. No dear, He is always right on time.

There is this song I love:

But His way is God’s way, not yours not mine.
Isn’t it great when He’s four days late, He is still on time.

Yeah the song was a reflection on Lazarus’ resurrection. Mary and Martha already lost hope when Jesus didn’t turn up as soon as they sent words to Him about their brothers’ illness, as they were asking and stating the ifs (John 11:21, 32). But God showed up right on time. As His ways are just never our own way. Always greater than ours folks. Most times we just don’t understand why, but we’ve got to believe that His ways are just so perfect in it all. πŸ™‡

So dear friend, hang right in. So many things are happening right now to you and around you, that would justify you throwing in the towel. But He is saying, just a minute more, just an hour more. Hang right in, I will still show up.

Knowing He shows up at the right and appointed time should keep us in motion. πŸƒ

Let’s pray:

Abba father, you have showed us that you are never late but always right on time. May we steadfastly choose you and hold on to your words always and in every season of our lives. Amen.

Thank you for reading through. Do have a fulfilling week folks. πŸ’ž

If God indeed be for us, who can be against us (Nobody and Nothing!).
Hang right in!. πŸ“


#Hang on

#At the verge of quitting?

#Keep the hope intact

#He never fails at being a father.

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