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Wondering what i intend sharing this time right?. Smiles. Yeah, there was this movie i watched on YouTube (The Christmas heart) on Hallmark channel and it was just the needed movie for me. I even kept it for some days against my usual delete mode after i am done watching any video. Okay, this movie was centered on a family of 4, who had a son that had an heart problem (an enlarged heart) and was urgently in need of a heart transplant. Okay, to cut the long story short. The story was so perfectly aligned and not just because it seemed like a perfectly fit in act scenes, but because it reminded me of what God can do. As there was this old man that insisted that the lanterns they were to light up; as part of their town’s tradition for Christmas, be distinct and of a certain conspicuous type.

And gracefully, these same lanterns were the ones that lighted the way for and served as a rescue to the pilot who was to deliver the heart to the hospital the ill child was admitted in; as the heart was transported interstate. So from a mere suggestion; to the town folks yielding to it; to the pilot whose bravery or courage was at its peak; to the younger brother, who out of keeping hope alive on behalf of his sick brother ran out to light the lanterns (despite the fact that the town folks who were with him were already getting discouraged when they heard of the delay caused by the weather) which led the pilot, copilot and the doctor with the donated heart to a safe landing; to the family who offered to be of help, by giving the doctor a ride to the hospital; and finally to the successful surgery for the heart transplant. It must have just been God i must say. I mean this could have been someone’s story out there you know. But all i know is that, it reminded me that God does plan everything right. 🙌

So while i was re-watching this movie i got spurred to write on this topic – Perfectly orchestrated. As it serves as a reminder that God does orchestrate everything perfectly.

So dear friend or reader, be grateful to God that all He has allowed come your way is all to a perfect plan and agenda for your life. One of my favorite teacher/author is Joyce Meyer and i can say her past experiences and the bumpy rides she experienced, all made who she is now. As God used it all to make her life; a life preaching Grace.

God wants to use your life for His Glory too, if only you would allow Him in. And He has got great plans for you. It might not seem all great at the moment but great things certainly lies in the things we (as humans) consider a mess or less special most times. If you doubt that, read on Pearls. These precious stones are a definition of God’s Graceful work. They are birthed out of the Oyster’s irritation. Imagine that. 🤔🙌

Also looking at the delightful stars that glow even in the midst of the dark clouds at dusk.

God’s got great plans but then are you ready for the ride?. It could be bumpy; but then you are ascertained of a safe landing. Don’t try to save your life and guard it so much and still end up losing it to the enemy. That to me, is wasted time and effort. Trust Him (God) instead with it. He does makes it all beautiful in His own time (Ecclesiastes 3:11a). And that time is always beyond the descriptive mere sayings. It is amazing!.

Do read this:

And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.

Do have a fulfilling and restful weekend. 🙌

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