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There I was trying to gain access to a site online for a program registration and at my first attempt, it popped up – Error 404……. 🙄

I should have learned or suspected something was wrong right?. But no, I still went ahead to refresh the page; turned off and on, the data connection on the phone I was using.

Thankfully I got nudged to recheck the link I typed out on the other phone I was using, which was originally on my own phone. And guess what, the error was found. As I earlier on typed out – https://singleladiessummit…. whereas it was meant to be – https://SingleLadiesSummit…

Imagine how I was stuck with no result because of my mistake of typing in small letters, which was just three (3) out of all the letters in the link.

So also sometimes we are stuck in a spot or in a path when we refuse to heed the nudge to see past the mistakes of the past and listen to the correction to right the present which will give access to your desired future in God.

As simple and silly that mistake was, it had been recurring in my mind. Thankfully I heeded and got through to registering for the program eventually. If not, it would have resulted to wasted time, effort and the data. 🙈

So dear reader, listen to the nudge within you and get the needed resolve to that issue and the rest will be a testimony of “Finally I got it done!” (Victory) 💃

Be good and stay great in God. ❤

Enjoy the rest of the week folks. 🌹


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Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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