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I have earlier on today, felt like writing on this; about how God comes through when we least expect it. Something happened to someone I know and it came as a faith booster for me as well. And because I might just be tempted to spill it while writing I had to pause on it (at my first attempt). But then here I am so ecstatic and grateful. I just know that I have to pen down what I feel on my inside.

I am grateful for God. I am grateful for Life. I am grateful for hope. I am grateful for the blessing of sharing one’s faith with others; for the blessings of phases of our lives and for the blessings of the twists and turns in life.

Imagine, if we all had an easy sail in life. We would really not know how much God does for us per millisecond. Imagine if we do not undergo pain at some point, we would not even know the gratitude we ought to give to Him for the ease we have in Him. Imagine if we never lacked, we would not appreciate at all, all of His bountiful blessings He showers on us.

If we never fell ill at some point, we would not know how gracefully God is preserving our lives. This life is considered so fragile!. So so fragile – Here today and gone in a flash!

If not for God, I would be lost. Oh, I’d have probably lost all hope for a good life and a future at all. If not for Him, I would be torn wanting to please everyone rather than pleasing God and maintaining my sanity of who I am and made to be. Knowing that I deserve His love every single millisecond and I am grateful for that. 💐

If not for God I would have in anger, of how life is and can sometimes be so hard on those who trust Him, lose myself. But no matter how hard it could get, He is there – holding my hand and whispering calm to me “Mercy, we are in this together”. That just warms my heart every time. 😪

Knowing that I am never alone to battle the battles. Never alone to face the seeming giants. Never alone to conquer the troubles I face. These and more warms my heart. Even when I fail at seeing me for me (as He sees me), He still with so much calm and patience keeps on whispering comfort and His words of hope to my hearts. Reminding me of who I am, even when I get all lost in the world’s trouble and just not seeing anything good happening. 🙇

I am grateful for the bumpy ride, I can better relate with some other folks’ troubles. I am grateful for the peace too, I can know when I feel peace and when otherwise. I am grateful for growth too, as I keep learning more about life each passing day.

I am most importantly grateful for God. He is my utmost blessing in life. He is my life support – my hinge of hope and everything that pertains to life. Even when I want to pull the plug and give up, He steps right in. No matter how torn apart I feel, He is there with His embrace to comfort and grants me His words to soothe my ache. And He doesn’t retire till I get it. Like I just have to get it!. No, He is never quitting on me. He is the perfect definition of a best friend. He is my world best Lover – No one can take that rank!. I don’t even love me as much as He does. Such Grace. 🙌😪

I am blessed. I am grateful for everything and for every loss and gain. For I lose to gain even more that I need for that set time. I am not beating myself up as I would have in previous times when I seem to have lost a friend. I am rather grateful our paths crossed and we are all growing in our respective spheres. I am grateful for Love – God!.

Okay… I drop my pen here. 🙈🙇

Happy Sunday!.💃





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Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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