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🌻⭐ THE NOW 🌟🌼

Maximizing the time now
The time is now

As simple as these two words seem. We have over time lost touch with the reality of it. We have all been caught in the web of pursuing the “then” and leaving out the “now”. We are all aiming at something, we are constantly on the run. It’s a world full of chase and hustles. πŸ˜•

For me, these two words have been one of the significant lessons I’m learning in this season and in our current lockdown. The anxiety of what will happen after all this is over is gradually creeping into many hearts in this season. I for one sometimes get caught up in these thoughts too.

But despite the chaos, our minds have over time lingered on, I want to present to you a relief to it, and that is “Now”. Yes, I am reminding you of your current time and present.

Yes we do not have all the answers to the eventuality after now as we can’t see it all at the moment. But the good news in this is that we have access to a blessing called “Now”.

So the question is what are you going to do with it?.

There is this quote that came to mind while reflecting on this. And it is:

The serenity prayer -Courage and wisdom
The serenity prayer – courage

The acceptance in this context isn’t for us to be complacent even as we await what comes next. Rather it is for us to find joy and peace even in the now. It is us choosing faith and hope even in the now regardless of what is happening all around us. And it is in this SERENITY, we can find and develop the COURAGE we need to take up the next task or challenge.

Because for us to be able to achieve the tomorrow we all long for, we need courage.

It is the strength we are able to garner and equip ourselves with now, even in our moment of “Serenity” (a time of preparedness) that will eventually launch us forth into the great next.

Choosing joy regardless
Even if the Fig tree doesn’t blossom, I choose rejoicing

Let’s look at it from this perspective or illustration:

There was a certain man who had a large piece of land and had a vision of building a mansion on it. But because of his financial constraints at that time, he couldn’t build his desired mansion JUST YET.

Instead, he built a mini bungalow on a portion of the land, because that was what he could afford at that time.
Do note that he still had a larger part of the land “uncovered”.

So despite the fact that he was not able to get the “big picture” of building his own mansion achieved just yet, he ensured he took steps progressively.

Hence he started with the mini bungalow he could afford and sometime later, he was finally able to build the mansion too.

The moral of this is that eventually he had not only his initial desire or vision –Β  the mansion but he also had the bungalow as well. That came as a bonus yeah. 😊

Did you catch that message?. His NOW was what he could afford and that was the bungalow. But even while He awaited the eventuality (his big picture) – the mansion, he didn’t let it prevent him from making use of what he had now to give him something productive too.

So yes, we have a resource in our hand at the moment and that resource is our time “now”.

So the question is how well are you putting that “now” to use. Our time now can’t be regained after all this is over.

Yes the year 2020 took a huge turn from what we all expected but my plea to you is to not let that make you waste the now even while we await the then!.

What is that thing you have always wanted to explore or get started on?.
Why don’t you give it a try now?.
Trust me you can always build on the NOW, when the THEN eventually comes through.

In it all remind yourself of this promise:

All things works together for our good in Christ Jesus
God works it all out for our good.

Do stay safe and committed to your source – God!.

Blessings. πŸ€—
Jesus loves you! ❀


Herry Chic

I am a pillar raised in God. . . God's perfect piece and a Botanist. Treasured.🌼

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