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Highs and lows

Every day so far, in these last couple of days left in this year has been a reflective one for me. I just know I wouldn’t be here or fine each day if there is no upper hand sustaining and holding me by and by.

There is a song I remembered listening to, almost every day when I fought serious mind battles and I was not fine at heart and in my mind. I fought doubt and clarity of what would happen next as I watched my plans go away right in front of me. For someone who had plans and so much liked her plans to go the way, she had envisaged it. It hit me hard I just never knew how much shock absorber God placed in me till I faced all that happened in the year for me.

So the song I mentioned was gotten through a dear friend and it is “Highs and lows” by Hillsong young.

This song made me tear up a lot of time as I can be such a cry baby sometimes. Just sometimes. 😂
My lachrymal gland can be so super active if you know what I am trying to drive at. 😂

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So we have had our highs and lows in this super amazing year 2020. I was talking with a colleague about how many people always mentioned 2020 in retrospect. Especially when I finished my undergraduate degree as we all had plans set ahead of us. And here we are, all so blown away by the amazing year 2020.

God has been so good to us, despite it all. And that right there is the constant in all situations of our lives and our hope in our highs and lows. God remains faithful even when all work against us and wants us to be faithless. And even when we struggle the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings. That is deep for me because a person only groans when it is deeply felt within him or her. And that right there just reassures me that even I struggle to know how I feel in some particular situations. God is never unaware and His spirit in me intercedes on my behalf to get through these trying times. 🙌

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God is good!. Oh yes, He is.

I don’t know how the year 2020 may have been for you. But one thing I know is that His hand has been the one rocking your cradle and holding you by and by.

In your weakest moments, He showed up dear. With deep groanings not known to the human mind. With so much love in His heart that He felt it all just as you did. It touched His very core He couldn’t leave you to bear it all alone. And He offered you His arms.

Likewise, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.
Romans 8:26 ESV

I don’t know about you. But some days I literarily feel Him hugging me in those “lows”. Reassuring me that He is still for me. And when my faith is being tested, that He is my faith and He won’t fail me. 😪

If we are faithless, He remains faithful [true to His word and His righteous character], for He cannot deny Himself.
2 Timothy 2:13 AMP

God is good. This is the message for you, now and always. 🙌

So if there is any reason to look forward to Christmas, which is my favorite time of the year. Just because I love December a lot. As it does have this calm and grace that I just love. I can’t explain it. 😍
Sorry for the detour. 😀 So yes the reason is “God saw you through”. And regardless of the downsides you are still here. There is still hope that though the tree is cut down that it will indeed sprout again. 💃

“For there is hope for a tree if it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and that its shoots will not cease.
Job 14:7 ESV

Abba is that shoot. It won’t cease. He indeed holds your lot. Like the Vine in John 15. He holds you!

I pray that your heart as you read this encapsulates this comfort. And may you find joy in Him even as this year gradually doffs its hat and bade us a farewell. So that we can all welcome the new year with greater joy in Him. A joy that can’t be marred or stolen. His kind of Joy that sprouts hope in us. That which He delights in us that we should exude. 😊

Blessings. 🙏

Happy new week of great joy in Him. 🤗


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