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Thinking - Lady in waiting


I was clueless on what to pen down, for this week. Not until I stared deeply at a picture for a while and I couldn’t help but count my blessings. And be grateful for it.

I know we have had moments when our minds painted a picture of what we can have or the limit we can attain in a particular scenario or situation. But on getting the task done or getting a resolve to that particular situation, we realise how much more we can forebear or even achieve. But at first we never saw that capacity embedded on our inside.


Possibilities - Choosing to trust Him


I really don’t know the type of childhood you had or situations you have faced but if there is anything I want you to take out of this. It is that, Abba has fully equipped you for more.

You can choose to remain in the surreal mode or choose to activate it as your reality instead.

We can choose to make things work together for our good if only we would begin to see it the God way.

We all confess this verse –

We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.
Romans 8:28 AMPC

But do we really pay attention to seeing that Abba’s promise to us is whether it seems like a good thing right now or not, He will still work it all out for your good.

This is a reminder for me as well; to learn to see His big picture and not mine. To learn to dream big and let it move from it being surreal, to it being my reality.

We – you and me can do more!. We can do most!. And we just need to believe it. Because when we do, we can achieve all things in Christ Jesus who dwells in us and is constantly at work “In” and “through” us.

[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.
Philippians 2:13 AMPC

The charge is for us to do it anyway if He has charged us to. And then one after the other, the puzzle eventually becomes fitted. But it won’t if you don’t take that step out of your known to His unknown that He might work it all out for your good. Just as He did for Abraham and many others in the Bible.

Choose to Trust God more.
Choose to embrace His will.
Choose to see from His eyes till you become it. 📝📌

Once again. I am grateful to Abba for every new paths that seemed terrifying at first that He led me through. Thank you for all you stand for and who you are. I am forever grateful for you. 🙌

Blessings, dear reader. 💕
Do have a fulfilling new week in Him. 🤗



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