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Welcome to the Affiliate Registration page… 

Thank you for showing interest in being an affiliate of OMOSEBI Mary Omolola, PhD

Through this program, you will earn a commission on every successful SALE of products/services linked directly to your account.

Here are the available goods/services:

1. The Beautiful Branch (hard-copy) costs N1500 per copy. A postage fee of N1000 applies for delivery to anywhere within Nigeria.

Commission that applies : 16.5% of book price (we will calculate it as 10% of the total cost)

2. All Ebooks

Commission that applies : 10% of book price

3. Beautiful Branch Discipleship Course: Investment fee of N7500 applies.

Commission that applies : 10% of the investment fee.


1.You will receive your payout monthly once your accrued commission reaches the set threshold.

  1. Communication will majorly be through EMAIL

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